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Stamp printer terms and conditions

  1. The An Post Stamp Printer is the property of An Post at all times.
  2. Where more than one An Post Stamp Printer is to be provided these terms and conditions apply equally to all.
  3. Only you and/or your company may use the An Post Stamp Printer which has been provided by An Post.
  4. You may only use the An Post Stamp Printer to print the value of Postage onto An Post Pre-printed Postage Labels which have been provided to you by An Post. The use of labels other than An Post Postage Labels will result in a charge but the items cannot be processed by An Post and will not be delivered to the intended recipient.
  5. You may not use any other form of printing device other than the An Post Stamp Printer to print the value of Postage on an An Post Pre-printed Postage label.
  6. The active and/or passive supply or sale of, or any attempt to actively or passively supply or sell, any An Post Pre-printed Postage Labels will result in automatic disqualification of the Participant from the Scheme. An Post reserves the right to take any legal action against a disqualified Participant for non-compliance with this condition.
  7. These terms and conditions under which the Scheme is provided are subject to the general regulations and rules of the Post Office and all applicable postal laws.
  8. An Post hereby grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, limited licence to use the software in the An Post Stamp Printer for the purpose of using the An Post Stamp Printer solely as expressly authorised by this Agreement. All other An Post rights are reserved.
  9. An Post Stamp Printer must be connected to the internet at least once every business day. Failure to do so may result in the temporary cessation of the Stamp Printer service.
  10. Each Participant in the Scheme must register its Company’s details online with An Post where you will be provided you with a Stamp Printer Account and Unique Customer Number.
  11. Your Account Stamp Printer Loading Account must be kept in credit in order to use the An Post Stamp Printer.
  12. Should you choose to use the stamp printer off-line then a default maximum offline usage limit of €25 will apply unless otherwise agreed with An Post.
  13. You will receive a roll of An Post Pre-printed Postage Labels onto which the value of Postage required for a postal item/packet will be printed by the An Post Stamp Printer 
  14. The An Post Stamp Printer will automatically requisition a replacement roll of Pre-printed Postage Labels. While under most circumstances this process can be expected to avoid the occurrence of a Participant running out of Postage Labels it is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that they have enough Pre-printed Postage Labels on hand to meet anticipated requirements.
  15. Each and every An Post Pre-printed Postage Label printed with a Postage value from the An Post Stamp Printer containing an error which results in the An Post Pre-printed Postage Labels not being fit for use or where the An Post Pre-printed Postage Labels can no longer be used for printing purposes must be returned as soon as is possible to the address provided by An Post to allow your account be appropriately credited. An Post cannot provide a refund against any such Postage Labels until they are received at the address provided.
  16. All Pre-printed labels which cannot be accounted for by the user shall be charged at a rate of twice the nominal postage charge for a letter within Ireland.
  17. An Post reserves the right to visit the premises of any Participant at any time to undertake an audit of the Stamp Printer installation and/or usage.
  18. A weekly charge, initially of €20 inclusive of VAT, will be deducted from your account each Sunday night/Monday morning from the official launch date. Should there be insufficient funds in your Stamp Printer account to complete this transaction your An Post Stamp Printer will be temporarily prevented from printing further stamps until sufficient funds are added to your account.
  19. Your Stamp Printer Loading Account must always be in credit and this can be achieved by payment in advance via Laser/Debit/Credit Card or through the established monthly invoicing payment method.
  20. Transactional data shall be accessible online via your Stamp Printer Account and may be printed by the Participant. Statements of usage shall not be issued unless in exceptional circumstances and such statements may be charged at a rate of €5 per statement.
  21. A VAT invoice will be issued at the end of each calendar year and sent via the contact information as provided at the time of registration.
  22. Failure by the Participant to meet the monthly invoice request by An Post will result in the disqualification of the Participant forthwith.
  23. Service reinstatement will require the payment of all outstanding monies and may require that additional bank guarantees be put in place. An Post reserve the right to pursue all legal options available in order to recover the debt and any associated costs incurred in undertaking such actions.
  24. A minimum load value of €300 and a maximum load value of €1000 shall apply initially for Laser/Debit/Credit Card or through the established monthly invoicing payment method. These limits are subject to change on a customer by customer basis. 
  25. An Post may, in some instances, require a bank or other financial guarantee.
  26. The Participant consents to the disclosure of information by such credit agencies or bureaux or suppliers of the participant as An Post may choose relating to the Participants credit history.
  27. Each postal item/packet that you send must have details of a return address (your address) on that postal item/packet. Postal guidelines require that the return to sender address should be clearly marked and located in the top left hand corner on the address side of the postal packet/item.
  28. You shall present items for posting in such manner as An Post may from time to time prescribe.
  29. Items sent using the An Post Stamp Printer Postage Labels which have to be returned to the sender and which do not have the return address as detailed above will incur a charge for the return of the item equal to the charge for the initial postage.
  30. Upon issue of notice of disqualification An Post will instigate a requirement for a minimum level of credit in your account which is initially set at €100.
  31. In the event of disqualification by An Post the Stamp Printer must be returned to An Post prior to the refund of any outstanding credit.
  32. Outstanding credit will be returned to the participant less any and all outstanding charges to include the weekly charge plus VAT which will apply for each week except that in which the Stamp Printer is received by An Post at the address provided.
  33. The participant agrees that, if for any reason the An Post Stamp Printer is not returned, a sum equal to the replacement cost of the Stamp Printer shall be invoiced or deducted from their Credit card or bank account as appropriate. The sum shall not exceed €600 plus VAT.
  34. The Participant agrees to treat the PIN access code for the Stamp Printer in the utmost confidence and not to reveal this code to third parties.
  35. An Post shall not be liable for any misappropriation of preloaded client funds which occurs through the loss or misplacement of the Stamp Printer and for its usage by a third party.
  36. Repairs or maintenance should only be undertaken by approved personnel and must never be undertaken by the Participant. In the unlikely event of a Stamp Printer ceasing to operate and repair not being possible An Post will issue a replacement machine.
  37. In the event of excessive damage which is not caused by normal usage and/or wear and tear or is as a result of unauthorised maintenance or repair the participant shall be liable for the lower of the repair or replacement costs of the An Post Stamp Printer.
  38. The An Post Pre-printed Label Printer is designed to be “Plug-&-Play” and as such the Participant shall be responsible for the provision of appropriate Internet access and a power supply.
  39. The participant agrees that should assistance be required, initially the FAQ section of the web site shall be visited, thereafter the agreed initial customer service contact as per the directions included with the Stamp Printer at the time of delivery shall be approached.
  40. Customer support shall be available during business hours and only on days upon which the clearing banks are generally open for business.
  41. Only when the preadvised contact sequence has been completed should a Participant contact An Post. For those clients (Usually with more than one Stamp Printer in their organisation) any approach to the An Post customer service/support function must be undertaken only by the pre-agreed central contact.
  42. Neither Party’s liability to the other for death or personal injury resulting from its own negligence shall be limited. Neither Party’s liability to the other for fraud shall be limited.
  43. You agree to indemnify, keep indemnified and hold harmless An Post from and against all actions, proceedings, claims, charges, demands, liability, losses, costs (including legal costs) and professional and other expenses of any nature whatsoever in respect of or relating or suffered by An Post caused by or arising out of your acts, omissions, default or negligence in the performance of this Agreement or any breach by you of the provisions of this Agreement.
  44. Subject to clause 43 above, An Post shall not be liable to you for any direct, indirect, special or consequential loss or damage or loss of data, income, profit or opportunity or loss of or damage to property or any claims of third parties, even if An Post has been advised of the possibility of such loss or damage, or such loss or damage was reasonably foreseeable
  45. If you fail to comply with any of the terms and conditions of the Scheme, you may be disqualified at the absolute discretion of An Post.
  46. On disqualification from the Scheme, An Post will:
    1. Notify you of the disqualification and the reason for the disqualification;
    2. Notify you of the following actions that will be taken by An Post:
      1. return of any credit which is properly owed to and was transferred by you to your Scheme Account to you upon return of the An Post Stamp Printer;
      2. removal of right of access by you to the Scheme Website after disqualification.
  47. On receipt of a notification from An Post that you have been disqualified from the Scheme, you must:
    a. immediately return the An Post Stamp Printer and the An Post Pre-printed Postal Labels to An Post; and
    b. immediately return the An Post Stamp Printer Manual and any and/or all copies thereof to An Post.
  48. Any and/or all personal data provided to An Post by you in the Scheme will be used solely by An Post for the purposes set out in these terms and conditions and in order to contact you about your participation in the Scheme unless you have indicated otherwise.
  49. Your personal data (if any) may be transferred by An Post to third parties who are authorised by An Post to provide services to An Post for the purpose of the Scheme. Any such transfer of personal data made by An Post is solely made for the purposes of ensuring that you may participate in the Scheme.
  50. An Post will control and process any and/all personal data provided to it by you in the Scheme in accordance with the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003.
  51. During the Scheme your details as provided to An Post will be kept for the purpose of fraud prevention and anti-money laundering prevention in line with Section 32 Criminal Justice Act 1994 (As amended).
  52. This Agreement is governed by Irish law and subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish courts
  53. Changes to the An Post Stamp Printer scheme terms and conditions will be advised either by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the participant, by notices placed on the An Post Stamp Printer web site and/ or by advertisements placed on the national press
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