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Ceadúnas Terms and Conditions

  1. Present mail divided between local and forward e.g. in Dublin:
    • Dublin city and county (local)
    • All other places (forward)
  2. Present items bundled in 50's (for bulkier items bundle in 10's)
  3. Ceadúnas mail must be presented prior to 3pm in Dublin and 4pm elsewhere
  4. Mail must be presented with all addresses facing the same way.
  5. A return address must be on the front of the envelope in the top left hand corner
  6. Ceadúnas items must be presented at the approved designated post office or via an agreed An Post Collection.
  7. Ceadúnas mailings must be paid for in advance of, or at the time of, posting except where a Deposit account is used or where payment is via the central billing system.
  8. Present a docket for each individual posting with details of the number of items posted at each rate, product codes and the total number of items presented.
  9. Ensure that the cover of Ceadúnas items bears the approved pre-printed logo which denotes prepayment of postage.
  10. Ensure that the sample logo shown is the only acceptable design
  11. Ensure that the mail bearing postage stamps or franked impressions is not included with Ceadúnas items.
  12. Keep different service identifiers separate.
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