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International Business Response services Terms and Conditions

  1. The cards, envelopes and labels proposed to be issued to correspondents and the advertisements in which the said design is proposed to be incorporated for use as aforesaid shall fulfil the conditions as specified by An Post and no card, envelope or label for issue to correspondents or advertisement incorporating the said design which does not meet these conditions shall be used until it has been approved in writing by An Post.
  2. Before any International Business Reply Service (IBRS) items are issued by a customer, there must be a confirmation that a licence has been granted by An Post.
  3. A Licence is for the period of one calendar year and is applicable to a single address only.
  4. Ink-Jet and toner cartridges cannot be accepted for this service (see the full list of prohibited items).
  5. Only items of no commercial value can be accepted for this service.
  6. The conditions of this Licence may be added to at any time by An Post if, and as far as may be necessary to bring them into conformity with the Regulations and Rules for the time being relating to the Inland Post and the International Post.
  7. The Licence may be revoked by An Post by giving seven day's notice in writing to the Licensee at any time and maybe be revoked forthwith by An Post by notice in writing to the Licensee in the event of any breach by the Licensee of any of the Conditions herein contained, and the Licensee shall be entitled to the return of any unexhausted balance of the sum paid under Condition 4, less any sum due to An Post.
  8. Any notice under this Licence from An Post to the Licensee shall be sufficiently given if left or sent by post addressed to the Licensee at its last or usual place of address.
  9. The Terms and Conditions under which the International Business Reply Services are provided are subject to the general rules and regulations of the Post Office relating to the Inland Post and International Post, as detailed in the "Eoilí an Phoist", the Post Office Guide as per the Inland Post Warrant 1939 and its amendments, except that they cannot be redirected after delivery at the licensed address and if they re-transmitted after such delivery must be enclosed in covers and fresh postage paid.
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