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We are aware of fraudsters sending fake emails and texts to customers pretending to be from An Post. We are asking customers to remain vigilant and be 'scam aware'. You are in the right place to find information and tips to help you stay safe online.

Helping our customers be ‘Scam Aware’

We have information about what to look out for and what actions to take if you have been affected. If you have any doubts about a message you have received about parcel delivery charges or banking transactions our Post and Parcel Customer Services and An Post Money Customer Services Teams are here to help and verify if it is legitimate. 


Fraudulent Redelivery Text

  1. Stop and Think – are you expecting a package?
  2. Note that the tone is threatening. An Post will never send threatening requests.

Whatsapp Reseller Scam

  1. An Post will never manage payments for items for sale on reseller websites.
  2. This is not a genuine link to the An Post website.

Email Phishing Scam

  1. Stop and think – did you make this order?
  2. The link looks like it is to the An Post website but if you hover over the link, you can see that it would bring you to a different fraudulent site.

Fake An Post Websites

  1. This is not a service that we provide so the information shown here on delivery and payment rules is fake. We will never manage payments for items for sale on reseller websites.
  2. This is not a genuine page from the An Post website.

Fake Reseller An Post Websites

  1. This is not a service that An Post provides, we will never manage payments for items for sale on reseller websites.
  2. This is a fake page and is not part of the An Post website.

What you should do

  • Do not respond to unsolicited messages.
  • Never click on links in these messages.
  • Keep your personal information to yourself - personal details like name, emails or credit / debit card information.
  • Regularly access your account online to verify all transactions
  • Change passwords regularly and keep them private
  • Do not post personal information about yourself e.g. date of birth, where you live, family details on social media.

Security FAQ's

Additional Resources

FraudSMART is a useful website (created by Banking & Payments Federation Ireland) that give lots of helpful information about the types of fraud that can affect you and gives lots of helpful key advice to help keep you informed. They also have updated information about new scams.


Our Commitment to Anti Bribery and Corruption 

An Post we are fully committed to ensuring there is an ethos of Anti-Bribery and Corruption embedded within our culture. An Post have focused on top level commitment from the Management Board right down to all An Post employees. All employees, third parties and contractors must adhere to the An Post Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy. We are committed to reporting and investigating all incidents or suspicion of Bribery and Corruption, and providing relevant training to all employees. For more information click here.


In doubt about a message you received?

Contact our Customer Service Team to verify if it is legitimate.

Your journey will continue with An Post Insurance.

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