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Security Hub

We are aware of fraudsters sending fake emails and texts to customers pretending to be from An Post. We are asking customers to remain vigilant and be 'scam aware'. You are in the right place to find information and tips to help you stay safe online.

Tips to avoid scam messages

  • Stop and think are you expecting a package?
  • Check for misspellings and unusual links
  • Check for unfamiliar sender email addresses

An Post will never

  • Send urgent requests or threats
  • Use shortened links for example
  • Send messages that contain any links when contacting you about the payment of Customs Charges 

What you should do

  • Do not respond to unsolicted messages
  • Never click on links in these messages
  • Do not give your personal details like name, emails or credit/debit card information

To help our customers be ‘scam aware’ and recognise some of the current fraudulent messages see our two samples below.

We have information about what else to look out for and what actions to take if you have been affected. If you have any doubts about a message you have received you can contact our Customer Service Team to verify if it is legitimate.

Security FAQ's