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Social Welfare

An Post is a major partner of the Department of Social Protection. You can collect your Social Welfare payment at any of our Post Offices nationwide.

How does it work?

  • If you wish to have your Social Welfare payments paid to you through the Post Office you must apply directly to the Department of Social Protection.
  • You can designate any one of our network of Post Offices as your office of payment.

Which payments can be paid through the Post Office?

The range of payments include:

  • families and children
  • retired or older people
  • ill or disabled
  • carers
  • bereaved
  • unemployed
  • back to work/education/training
  • In employment/farming
  • employer
  • community support

If you receive Social Welfare payments you may be eligible to use our Household Budget service for help with managing your household bills.

Special arrangements for DEASP customers impacted by COVID-19

 If you can’t get to the post office to collect your pension or any other social welfare payment, you can now allow somebody else, known as a temporary agent, to collect it. The Temporary Agent form is available in all post offices or online, download appointment of temporary agent application form.

In addition, post offices will hold all payments for up to 90 days, and the timing of payments is now every two weeks, special arrangements for DEASP customers impacted by Covid-19 . For further information, please see

Further Information

Further information and application forms can be obtained through the Department of Social Protection.