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Structure, governance and regulation

We are a commercial organisation providing postal, distribution and financial services. We also provide agency services for a number of government departments including the National Treasury Management Agency, the National Lottery and other commercial bodies.

An Post is a designated activity company, incorporated under the Companies Act, 2014. The Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform holds one ordinary share in the company and the remainder of the issued share capital is held by the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment.

Read our 2019 Annual Report for more information about the company and its financial performance.

Other An Post businesses

An Post also operates through various subsidiary and joint venture companies. Click on the website links to found out more about these Post Office activities. 

Corporate governance

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance, based on the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies, as set out by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.

The directors are accountable to the shareholders for good corporate governance and the annual report addresses how the Code of Practice has been applied within the company.

Codes of conduct

The Irish Post Office has a long record of loyal and useful service to the public, built on the personal integrity and trustworthiness of its employees over many years.

Our employees and directors continue to operate to very high standards of fairness, transparency and honesty as set out in the following codes of conduct:


We are designated as the sole universal postal service provider by the Communications Regulation (Postal Services) Act 2011 for the period until August 2023.

ComReg, the Commission for Communications Regulation, sets out the requirements of the Universal Service Obligation (USO) and the quality of service to be provided.

Under the terms of the Act, Universal Postal Service means that on every working day, except in such circumstances or geographical conditions deemed exceptional by ComReg, there is at least:

  • one clearance and
  • one delivery to the home or premises of every person in the state or, as ComReg considers appropriate, under such conditions as it may determine from time to time, to appropriate installations

Find out more about the USO requirements in our 2019 Annual Report.

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