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Important customs message

19 August 2021

If you have recently submitted a query regarding a 'Returned to sender' message, scam messages or are experiencing delays with receiving a Non EU item, please see the latest updates.

My item has been returned to sender
If your item has been returned to sender or you are awaiting an update on your item, it is likely that the electronic customs declaration made by the retailer/sender for your item may have been insufficient or invalid according to Customs regulations. An Post cannot amend customs declaration so items with incomplete data must be returned. 

The goods within your parcel may also be in a category of goods treated as prohibited or restricted by Irish Revenue.  

An electronic customs declaration must include the following:

  • A valid HS/Tariff Code 

  • A valid item description 

  • Country of origin 

  • Item value 

  • Postage, insurance, freight paid 

  • Sender name, address details 

  • Addressee name, address 

  • Packet/parcel weight 

For non restricted/prohibited items, you will need to refer to the sender and request that they submit a customs declaration with full details when resending your item. Our TARIC code finder helps retailers understand the required information needed.  For more information on buying from outside the EU please visit the Revenue website.
Your item will also be returned to the sender if the customs charge is not paid by the “pay by date".  

How can I identify if a message received is legitimate and not a scam/phishing messages?
We will never send a payment request with a link. If in doubt, do not click on any links requesting payment.
We have further information on our security page to help you to identify scam messages.

My item has not moved, why is this?
We are currently working through a high volume of Non EU items arriving to Ireland that do not meet customs requirements. Please hold tight, our team are working hard to process all items and queries.

Where can I find the latest updates and information?
We have a dedicated customs page which is updated regularly with the most common queries. We advise you to check this page for more information and assistance on customs queries.