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Customs charges and forms

If you buy goods from outside the European Union (EU) you may have to pay Customs Charges (Customs Duty, Excise Duty, VAT).  These charges arise on the importation of your goods in accordance with relevant legislation, such as the European Union Customs Code. The EU VAT Directive requires VAT to be paid on the importation of most third country (Non-EU) goods.
An Post collect these Customs Charges and pays them to The Revenue Commissioners on your behalf in satisfaction of your liabilities. The Revenue website has lots of useful information on customs charges.
The amount of customs charges/VAT payable (if applicable) is determined in accordance with relevant legislation and may depend on a number of factors including the country where the goods are sent from, the type of goods and their value etc.
If applicable, you can then pay your customs charges online or at any Post Office. Once your customs charge is paid we will deliver your item. A handling fee of up to a maximum charge of €10 is charged by An Post for customs clearance of parcels imported from countries outside the EU. This fee does not include any duties or VAT that are applicable to the goods.
Customs have a right to examine all parcels coming into the Republic of Ireland from outside the European Union. This can occasionally result in delays to delivery.

Customs forms

When sending packets or parcels to destinations outside the European Union, a customs declaration form must be completed in English either online using Click & Post or at any Post Office.
At the Post Office the necessary declaration can be completed.

 An Aviation Security Declaration, to ensure compliance with airline security regulations, must be attached to all letters, packets or parcels containing goods sent within the EU, excluding Northern Ireland. See the full list of prohibited items which cannot be sent using the international postal services.

You must describe the contents of the item fully and accurately and include your name, address and signature.

Aviation Security Declaration

Customs FAQs