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Find a TARIC Code for your customs documents

When importing or exporting goods from outside the EU, you will need to assign a TARIC code to your customs declaration for the receiving customs body to process your goods correctly.
This may also be referred to as a Harmonisation code, a Tariff code or a Commodity code.
Using the tool below you can identify the correct TARIC code for your items.
Please remember, it is your responsibility to find and use the correct TARIC code. An Post does not accept responsibility for any incorrect TARIC codes used.

Customs Code

Choose item description or HS6 code

Source Country
Destination Country

Please enter a description or a HS6 code for suitable import/export information

A suitable HS6 code is

A suitable 10-digit code for import is

A suitable 10-digit code for export is


For more information regarding customs obligations please visit the Revenue Website