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Data Protection Notice – Checking in with elderly and vulnerable persons

During the Covid – 19 pandemic An Post is offering a ‘check-in’ with elderly and vulnerable persons to see if such persons have an urgent need for attention or supplies. 
An Post customers may request An Post to ‘check-in’ with an elderly or vulnerable person.  The customer who provides the person’s personal data consents to An Post processing their data.  The customer should confirm with the elderly or vulnerable person that they wish to have a check-in visit and that the person has given the customer permission to supply their name and address to An Post to provide this service. The customer or elderly or vulnerable person can end recurring future check-in visits at any time.
An Post will only retain the personal data of the elderly or vulnerable person for as long as it’s needed to establish and maintain contact.  An Post will retain the details of the online form for as long as contact is ongoing and for a further year after that. The data supplied is only used for the purpose of the check-in service. The data you supply is held securely and the service and details of any conversations are confidential.