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Data Protection Mails Notice

An Post, who manages the postal delivery service, is neither a data controller nor a data processor for the clients that use its standard postal services (including the Universal Service) because: 
  1. it is a mere conduit between the sender of the mail and its recipient; 
  2. it does not exercise any control over the purpose for which the personal data in the items of mail entrusted to it is used; and 
  3. it has no control over the content of the personal data entrusted to it.
The An Post Terms and Conditions govern the transmission and management of ordinary mail.

An Post may act as a data controller or a data processor where An Post has been provided with ‘pre-advice’ data or where An Post holds tracking data or has made delivery arrangements for the delivery of postal items.  Any such data is held for the minimum period required in order to effect the postal service.  

Please see An Post’s Privacy Statement  for further information on how An Post treats personal data. 

Any concerns regarding our use of the Personal Data and / or the exercise of your individual rights should be addressed to the Data Privacy Office, An Post, GPO, O’Connell Street Lower, Dublin 1, D01 F5P2 or

Last updated on July 2018.