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Brexit Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about An Post’s Brexit plan connecting you with Great Britain with ease.

What can you expect?

From January 1st 2021, new customs rules mean there will be changes to how you send goods and receive online shopping from Great Britain. At An Post, we’re ready to deal with the changes so you can continue to connect with Great Britain with ease. Sending remains easy either at your local post office or online using Click & Post.

Sending Changes

Sending to Great Britain will require you to complete a customs declaration form for anything you send that contains goods. This form is known as a CN23. You can complete this form either at your local post office or online using Click & Post. The form will ask you to give details of what you are sending to Great Britain, the value of the item and its contents.

Online Shopping Changes

As Brexit changes processes for all Great Britain online retailers there could be delays with orders in early January as the changes are put in place.
Most of the online shopping An Post delivers from retailers in Great Britain will continue to be delivered as normal to you as customs charges will be paid in advance of delivery.

However for some deliveries from retailers in Great Britain, when the customs charges are not paid in advance of delivery, a customs charge will be applied before we can deliver your item.  When this happens, we will notify you of the customs charge by email or via post. 

The customs payment can be made seamlessly online and at your local post office. Once the payment has been made we will deliver your item as normal.

AddressPal Changes

You can visit our AddressPal website for more information on the changes to the AddressPal service.

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