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Setting up your phone

When you first put your An Post Mobile SIM card into your phone you should receive an automatically generated 'settings message'. Watch/listen out for the ‘settings message’ that will come directly to your phone screen. When it does, follow the set-up directions on the phone screen. You should then be able to connect to the internet and be able to make and receive calls and texts.
(NOTE: You can watch our videos on how to set up your phone at any time below).

Didn't get the setting message?

If for some reason you did not receive this message, or you got it and are still having difficulties getting the internet working, we can resend the settings to your phone.

  1. Use this link: Get Data Settings sent to your phone.
  2. This link will bring you to a new web page with a box that says 'Enter Phone Number'.
  3. Enter your number (the one your are setting up) and click on Submit. The settings will then be sent to your phone.
  4. Watch/listen out for the settings message to come in and you will see it on your phone screen -  then follow the instructions on your phone screen.
  5. Your phone should then be fully set up and you should have access to the internet (to check this turn off any WiFi and see if you can use the internet).

Video tutorials

'How To' videos on setting up Data/Internet on both iPhone and Android.

Still having difficulties?

If you cannot get the automatic settings on the link above you can set up your phone manually by using the following instructions: How to manually set up your phone


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