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Current Account
Keeping Your Money Safe 

Protecting yourself against fraud

Fraudsters are becoming more and more sophisticated in how they scam people out of money. Here’s 8 things you should know:
  1. We will NEVER contact you by phone, email or SMS and ask you to share any details like your bank account details, card PIN or full card details, login details, passwords or User ID. 
  2. If you receive a one-time passcode that you were not expecting, call 01 705 8000 (Monday-Friday 9am - 6pm) and never share one-time passcodes.
  3. We will NEVER contact you and ask you to transfer money from your account.
  4. We will NEVER send you an SMS with a clickable link, we will only send you an SMS with information of note. Fraudsters can clone the phone number we use to send you messages, so do not assume that a message from our number is actually from us if it has a link in it.
  5. We will NEVER send you an email linking directly to your logged in account or a login screen.
  6. If someone contacts you claiming to be from An Post Money, you can ALWAYS end the call and ring 01 705 8000 to ensure that it’s genuine. If the caller tries to keep you on the line, end the call immediately.
  7. FraudSMART is a fraud awareness initiative developed by Banking & Payments Federation Ireland (BPFI). The site gives information on up to date fraud activity and the most common frauds affecting consumers along with key advice and tips to help prevent you becoming the victim of fraud. Visit for more information.
  8. Anyone can be the target of financial fraud and scams, and at any time. Your best defence is to stay informed, alert and secure.

Make shopping online safer

Secure Customer Authentication Changes

You will be familiar with one-time passcodes, sent to your phone or email address, for registering accounts and setting up payments on your An Post Money Current Account. You may have used them to authenticate yourself during statement downloads and sometimes when logging in online.

Now, when you shop online using your An Post Money Current Account debit card, you may be asked to approve the transaction via the An Post Money app. A notification will be sent to the device you have the app on, and if its on more than one device - the notification will be sent to the most recent device you activated the An Post Money app on.

How to set up the An Post Money app
  1. Search “An Post Money” on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the app.
  2. Register using your User ID and your mobile number. Your User ID is the 10 digit code used to log into online banking and can be found in a letter we will send you (you may already have received it).
  3. Make sure you enable mobile notifications so you can receive security messages.

Tips to stay safe

Using an ATM
  • If using your card at an ATM, try and use it in a well-lit, busy location. Have your card ready so you don’t have to search for it.
  • If the ATM takes your card and does not return it - contact us on 01 705 8000 (Monday-Friday 9am - 6pm).
Protecting your PIN
  • Never share your PIN with anyone else or let them use your card or account.
  • Memorise your PIN – if you enter it wrong three times your card will be blocked and you will need to contact 01 705 8000 to unblock your card.
  • Make sure no one can see your PIN when you enter it in a shop or ATM. Protect the number with your free hand if necessary.
Lost or stolen card?

Please contact us immediately on 1800 267 678 (24/7) to lock your card and get a replacement. You can also freeze and unfreeze your card on the An Post Money app. 

Emergency cash

If your card is lost or stolen and you need access to cash, call us on 01 705 8000 to request up to €200 per day from any post office, subject to the balance on your account. 
We cannot accept responsibility if you disclose your account details to any third party deliberately or accidentally. We are not responsible for any unauthorised access to information or corruption of data you send us by email. 

Terms and conditions apply. An Post is authorised by the Minister for Finance to provide payment services and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland in the provision of such services. The An Post Money Current Account Debit Mastercard© is issued by An Post. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.