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18 January 2021

Below you will find answers to:
2. UNLOCKING YOUR PHONE (when moving to/from An Post Mobile)

1. Switching your number

Can I keep my number?

Yes. All we need to do is check that you own the number – it’s a simple process (done by calling the mobile number and verifying the caller id on your phone is the same as the number calling). We can do that either in the post office or through our Customer Care team.

How long will it take to move my number to An Post Mobile?

If you are moving your number (also known as ‘switching’) from a pre pay account or a standard bill pay account, the allocated turn-around time is two hours, but it usually happens within an hour. 

Will I lose my mobile service for long when I switch?

No. Your mobile number will stay active on your current SIM card up until the point it becomes active on An Post Mobile. When your number has switched to us your coverage will drop on your current SIM card, and when you put your new An Post Mobile SIM card into your phone you’re up and running with An Post Mobile!

 Do I have to tell my current provider I’m switching?

If you are out of contract, or on Pay As You Go (Prepay) you don’t need to notify your provider. Once your number has moved over to An Post Mobile, if you were receiving bills from your provider, they will send you your last bill either by post or to your email. Everything else is taken care of by An Post Mobile.  

Can I switch my pre pay number to An Post Mobile?

Switching a pre pay number to An Post Mobile is very easy. Once we verify that the number you want to move is active, we can switch you over there and then. 

Can I switch my bill pay number to An Post Mobile?

Switching a bill pay number to An Post Mobile is easily done. We will need to verify that the number you want to move is active, and we will also need your Account Number (this will be on you last bill).

2. Unlocking your phone
Will my current phone still work if I move my number to An Post Mobile?

Some mobile providers lock their phones. This means that their phones will only work with that mobile providers SIM cards. If you are with other mobile providers and your phone is locked, it won’t accept SIM cards from other mobile providers.

If you are joining An Post Mobile and want to use your current phone, it is important to check if your phone is locked. You can do this by inserting an An Post Mobile SIM card into your phone. If the 'An Post Mobile' Network symbol appears, your phone is not locked. If you see a message like ‘Incompatible SIM’ or ‘Enter Network Unlock Code’, your phone is locked.

If you don’t have an An Post Mobile SIM card you can contact your mobile provider and they will tell you if the handset is still locked.

How do I get my phone unlocked?

a) If you are moving to An Post Mobile and need to get your phone unlocked: 
you must call your current mobile provider and ask for your phone’s Network Unlock Code. It can take between 5-20 working days to receive your code – timelines vary between different phone manufacturers.

If you need help to unlock your phone, our friendly Customer Services team is available on or by calling 1850 789 789.

If you have any questions on switching your number you can always drop into your local post office, or Email: or Call 1850 789 789 and we will be happy to give you all the help you need to make the switch.

 (b) If you are moving from An Post Mobile and need to get your phone unlocked: 
Are there restrictions on my use of the phone on other networks?

No. But you will need to check if the phone is locked (see below).

 How can I unlock my phone so that I can use it on another network?

To use your An Post Mobile purchased phone on another network, you will need to check if it is unlocked. You can check if your phone is locked by inserting a non-An Post Mobile SIM card. If you see a message like ‘Incompatible SIM’ or ‘Enter Network Unlock Code’ your phone is locked and you will need an unlock code. 

 Is there a charge for unlocking my phone?


 What is the process for unlocking my An Post Mobile phone and who do I contact to unlock my phone? 

 We will provide you with your device’s network unlock code as quickly as possible. You can contact Customer Care on email:  or by calling 1850 789 789.  

How long will it take to unlock my phone successfully?

This may take up to 20 working days (but in most cases will take arounfd 5 days ), as codes may need to be requested from the relevant phone manufacturer and subsequent response times vary. You will be contacted as soon as your code has been retrieved. You do not need to take any further actions once your code request has been submitted

Need the Data/Internet setting for you phone?

Go to Data-MMS-settings

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