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The journey so far

Decent work & economic growth


In 2021, significant steps were taken in our journey to sustainability such as becoming the first major company in Ireland to eliminate the gender pay gap and the launch of the An Post Green Institute which forms part of our commitment to developing our management and leadership pipeline to ensure sustainable leadership for the future. The below details the other achievements we have made in relation to Decent Work and Economic Growth in 2021.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion

We are striving to develop an inclusive workplace where everyone feels accepted, supported and valued – a place where every employee can access opportunities and resources and where they can bring their true selves to work.  We believe the more we foster a collaborative environment and value differences, the closer we get to living in a truly inclusive community like the ones we serve. Our strategy has five areas of focus: gender, ability, intergenerational, ethnicity, and LGBTQ+.


In 2021, we became the first major company in Ireland to eliminate the gender pay gap. We also took a number of actions to bring us closer to achieving our commitment of gender balance such as the use of software to remove gender bias from all our role profiles, ensuring that shortlists for our management roles are gender balanced and establishing the Advance Mentoring programme for managers, with female managers prioritised in year 1. You can read more about how we achieved this milestone with our positive changes in the 2021 Gender Pay Gap Report.


Currently 4.4% of our employees have disclosed a disability to An Post , which exceeds the 3% employment target for persons with disabilities that is specified by the Disability Act 2005. To help support us with our ambitions to recruit and employ more people with disabilities, in 2021 we continued our partnerships with the Trinity Centre for Person’s with Intellectual Disabilities (TCPID). We also joined the Open Doors Initiative’s ‘Employers for Change’ service to help encourage more people with disabilities to apply for positions within An Post.


We understand the benefits of a generationally-diverse workplace and appreciate the unique habits, behaviors and preferences that different generations have. To offer tailored support for our intergenerational employees, in 2021 we provided flexible working arrangements and held training courses in retirement planning. We also revised our Retirement Policy to ensure it reflects current needs and expectations, and supports our employees as they transition to retirement.


In 2021, we held a number of local events celebrating the cultural diversity of our employees, such as recognising the different languages spoken in our Dublin Mails Centre.  We recognise we have more work to do to ensure we represent the communities that we serve and will run an inclusion survey in 2022 to better understand and target the needs of our employees from different ethnic backgrounds. This will enable us to introduce initiatives that make real lasting impact.


We actively support the LGBTQ+ community in An Post. In 2021, we established BrĂ³d@anpost, an LGBTQ+ employee group made up of dedicated employees and allies who can connect in a safe space to help move the LGBTQ+ agenda forward.
We are also in the process of exploring how to implement ‘Mx’ titles for employees across our internal systems.

Zero hour contracts

An Post is against the excesses of the gig economy. We are committed to providing all of our employees with fulfilling, secure careers with opportunities for professional development. In 2021, we maintained our commitment to no zero-hour contracts.

Health and safety of our employees

Creating a safe and supportive culture

The health, safety and welfare of our employees is a top priority. We continued COVID-19 mitigation measures such as enhanced cleaning, the provision of medical grade masks, work-from-home equipment, one-way systems, two-metre distancing, and contactless deliveries. These successful measures ensured we could keep post offices and delivery routes open and continue to manage the extraordinary increase in parcel volumes due to the surge in eCommerce.

Health and safety

Vehicles pose great risks to our drivers and the communities that they serve so in order to keep everyone safe, we train all our drivers in braking, fire safety, speeding, preventing rollaway incidents and vehicle maintenance. Through our training programmes, we are continuously improving our road safety record. As a result, we saw a 25% improvement in our Road Traffic Accident Rate, falling from 0.57 in 2020 to 0.43 per 1 million km in 2021.

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