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Our focus on sustainable consumption and production has been on waste management, restoring nature and sustainable procurement. This section details how we delivered on this SDG in 2020.

All An Post external bins are weighed on collection giving accurate information, site by site, on a monthly basis allowing An Post to monitor the amount of waste which is recycled and the amount which requires further treatment.
In implementing our Environmental Management System, we have achieved a primary waste recycling target greater than 76%. The remaining 24% is secondary recycled at the waste depot. The reduction in our primary recycling rate in 2020 is due to the changes in our business which have been brought about by COVID-19.

Restoring nature

We have begun the process of determining how we can resolve and restore the effect we have on the environment. An Post was Ireland’s first investor in the Woodland Environment Fund. In 2019 over 20,000 trees, including oak, birch and alder, were planted in County Galway. These continue to flourish in 2020.

Sustainable procurement

At An Post we are committed to conducting business responsibly and advocate for ‘sustainable procurement’ which is meeting our needs for goods and services by factoring criteria and requirements that relate to social progress, environmental protection and economic development.

Read more about our approach
Read more about our approach