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Sending to the blind free of charge

An Post allows you to send items up to 7kg in weight to the blind free of charge.

Items must be clearly marked with:

  • “Articles for the Blind” on all mail sent within the Republic of Ireland
  • "Cécogrammes" in the upper right hand corner on all post destined for overseas

National packages should be posted without a cover or in a cover which can be easily removed for the purpose of examination. An Post's size and weight guidelines apply.

What can I send?

Packages containing certain literature and articles adapted for the blind including:

  • Books and papers, including letters to or from blind persons impressed or otherwise prepared for use of the blind
  • Paper posted to anyone for the purpose of being impressed or prepared for the blind
  • Relief maps
  • Machines, frames and attachments for making impressions for use of the blind
  • Writing frames and attachments
  • Braillette boards and pegs
  • De Braille instruction devices

You can also make particular arrangements with An Post to send material specially designed or adapted for use of the blind including:

  • Games, including card games
  • Mathematical appliances and attachments
  • Wrapper, labels and envelopes that are intended for use on packages for the blind
  • Braille watches, clocks and timers
  • Tools, aids and precision instruments
  • Rules and measures
  • Sectional or collapsible walking sticks
  • Voice records on discs, films, tape or wire, of books, newspapers, journals and the apparatus to play these recordings
  • Metal plates impressed or sent for the purpose of being impressed for the use of the blind
  • Harness for guide dogs

What can I send to blind people overseas?

  • Literature impressed in braille or other special type for use of the blind such as plates, papers of any kind, periodicals, books
  • Letters similarly impressed
  • Sound records sent to or by blind persons
  • Plates for embossing blind literature
  • Voice records and special paper intended solely for the use of the blind

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