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Packaging that SHINES

Having delivered parcels across the length and breadth of the country for many years, we know a lot about packaging. First impressions count, so packaging is super important. Here’s our top tips for how to package your items:

Secure your item

The key with packaging for reselling is that you have to keep your costs low. However, this does not mean you need to cut costs and compromise on your packaging process. It is essential to secure your item to avoid packaging coming or delicate items being damaged. Don’t use twine on your package, it gets caught in processing machines and can actually damage your item.

Consider the size

Always consider what you are sending. Some smaller items like jewellery or tops may be able to be sent in a compact, large envelope. Other items could be sent in a small packet or box. Packaging items in unnecessarily large boxes according to their size will incur a higher cost.

Get personal

Never underestimate the power of the personal touch. Include a ‘thank you’ note or personal message on the item your buyer has purchased so they feel special and have even more of a reason to shop from you again.


As the world evolves and we are becoming more eco-conscious, there are many eco-friendly customers who are purchasing on reseller sites. These customers prioritize recyclable packaging. For protective packaging materials such as bubble wrap you can always ask family members for leftovers and save any you receive. Alternative environmentally friend bubble wrap includes corrugated and biodegradable wrap.

Need packaging to send your items?

Our prepaid packaging options include ROI postage, saving you from calculating shipping costs or buying stamps and labels. We offer sustainable packaging too!

Being eco-friendly

Reusing packaging is both better for the environment and it will save on cost. Being creative, resourceful and considerate of practices that are kinder to the planet are all excellent exercises in being an entrepreneur. You can mix and match reused supplies along with new eco-friendly packaging, if that’s what suits you and your shop. Why reuse packaging supplies?

  • It saves you money. Eco-friendly materials can be more expensive, but reusing supplies you already have is totally free.
  • It saves you time. If you have different sizes of packaging on hand, you don’t need to spend time looking for or ordering the right size.
  • It reduces packaging pollution. And it lowers your carbon footprint.
  • It shows your buyers you care about the environmental impact – this is another extension of your brand, and can be a reason why you will get returning customers.

How do you reuse packaging supplies?

Try to save packaging from orders – or ask family and friends to save their packaging for you to reuse. Here are a couple more reuse tips to keep at the top of your mind when considering what packaging to use:
  • Reuse shipping boxes and packets to re-ship items, unless they’ve been damaged. Ensure that you remove all labels. Try customising the package for a more personal, branded experience – such as including a branded stamp with your shop name. 
  • Be conscious of the materials that you do reuse. Sending an item out in a bag from the supermarket doesn’t give your customer the best possible experience, and could lead to damage in transit. The easiest way to choose material to reuse is its original purpose was packaging for commercial shipping.
  • Let your buyers know if you’re reusing shipping materials. Tell them what making more sustainable choices means to you – and how you’ve made a conscious decision to reuse items you already have. Make it part of your brand – and a reason for buyers to be loyal to you and your shop.

Types of eco-friendly packaging:

  • Recycled
  • Recyclable
  • Biodegradable (breakdown into a few natural elements)
  • Compostable (breakdown into single organic materials)

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