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Natural Gas Card

Pay As You Go energy meter cards

How does it work?

The Gas Network Natural Gas Card is a meter card used to top up your Pay As You Go meter.

Step by Step

After your Pay As You Go Gas Meter is installed by Gas Networks Ireland.

  • Remove the meter card and bring it to your local Post Office or PostPoint outlet to purchase credit.
  • Insert your card back into the meter to transfer the credit.
Transferring credit
  • Insert your Gas Card (When inserting your Gas Card, ensure that the gold-coloured chip on the card is facing towards the meter display).
  • The display will show the value of credit on your card.
  • To transfer your money to the meter, press red Button A. At this point any credit you owe will be deducted. Some of the credit you have bought will always be added to the ‘CREDIT’ screen.
  • If the shut-off valve inside your meter has been closed, the display will show ‘OFF’. The meter will ask you to check that your appliances are switched off. This is a safety requirement. Check that ALL appliances are turned OFF. Then press and hold button A to open the valve in the meter.
  • Continue to hold Button A until the display changes.
  • Now release Button A.
  • Follow instructions until screen indicates ON. Your gas is now ready to use.
  • In the event of a timeout remove the card, reinsert it and start from the beginning.
    NOTE: Once credit is transferred, remove the card from the meter and keep it in a safe place. Leaving the card in the meter will run down the battery of the meter and may result in no gas to your appliances. 

How much?

The minimum amount you can top up is €10. The maximum depends on the model of your meter.

A replacement card costs €1. 

What’s next?

Bring your Natural Gas Card to your local Post Office or PostPoint outlet to top up. 

Terms and Conditions

For more information contact your Gas supplier;