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Service Update 

The Passport Express Service will resume in all Post Offices from Monday 19th July.

Passport Express

Passport applications through Post Offices will currently take approximately 6-8 weeks to process by Passport Office. Call into your nearest post office and get your passport for a charge of €9.50 - plus passport fee. Find out more about expected Passport Express turnaround times.

How does it work?

Call into your local post office and complete your application, which we will deliver to the passport office and your passport will be sent to you when it is processed.

  • First pick up a passport application form at any post office or Garda station
  • Complete the passport application form
  • Advice on how to fill in the form is given in the notes that accompany it and you can find more information on the Passport Service website
  • Hand in your application, and all relevant documentation, passport photos and signatures, in the special Passport Express envelope 
  • Pay by debit card or cash
  • It’s important to keep the receipt, as it contains a record of the passport application number

How much does it cost?

You will need to pay administration fees for handling and Express postage and processing of passport applications.

 Single application €9.50
 Up to four applications €16.00

Passport fees

Passport fees under the Passport Express service are as follows:
Standard 10-year Passport (for those over 18) €80.00 
5-year Passport (for those under 18)  €30.00
Large Passport (66 page 10-year)
Large Passport (66-page for those under 18)

What next?

Check when your passport expires and use the Passport eReminder Service at Register your name and the expiry date of your passport, and you’ll receive a reminder email three months before your passport is due to expire.

Find out more information on passport application requirements, expected turnaround times for renewal and first-time applications.

To check the progress of a passport application, it is important you have the passport application number when contacting the Passport Service.

Terms and conditions

PLEASE NOTE - Due to COVID-19 the passport service has put in place different working arrangements for their teams to ensure their health and safety. Therefore, the 15 working day period referred to in Terms 5 to 9 below does NOT currently apply.  Paper applications are taking approximately 6-8 weeks to process.  Longer periods than this may apply where an application is incorrect or incomplete.
    1. Up to four passport applications can be sent together in one Passport Express envelope.
    2. All passport applications are processed in accordance with the Passports Act, 2008.
    3. Passport Express provides a next working day delivery service to the Passport Service for applications submitted to post offices.
    4. Passport Express provides a next working day delivery service in respect of the daily collection of passports from the Passport Service to applicants.
    5. Subject to terms 6 to 9 below, the Passport Service has 15 working days, exclusive of weekends and public holidays, from receipt of an application to issue a passport.
    6. The 15 working day service will not apply to any incomplete or incorrectly filled application.
    7. The 15 working day service will not apply to any application that cannot be processed under the terms of the Passports Act, 2008.
    8. Passport Express cannot guarantee delivery of passport if required in less than 15 working days.
    9. On exceptional occasions where extenuating circumstances exist for the Passport Service, the 15 working day service for Passport Express may have to be extended for a temporary period. Notice of this change and its likely duration will be published in the national press and on the Passport Service website
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