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Purpose and Objectives of the Supplier Resource Guide

At An Post we are committed to embedding sustainability in everything we do. Sustainability informs every aspect of our business, enabling us to deliver benefits to our employees, our customers and the communities we serve. The An Post Procurement department commit to sustainability in our procurement processes and put policies and procedures in place to ensure that sustainability is included in the relevant tender processes. 
To align with our commitment to sustainable procurement we introduce our Supplier Resource Guide. This guide aims to equip participating suppliers with resources which may be of assistance to bolster their sustainability efforts and drive continuous improvement across operations. Through this guide we strive to:

  • Enhance suppliers’ environmental awareness and expertise
  • Promote a culture of sustainability amongst suppliers
  • Guide supplier by providing information and resources that offer targeted education and training, which may help to facilitate the acquisition of new skills and competencies

Resources and Tools

The below resources and tools are free to access and are intended to support both potential and current suppliers (please note that An Post is not affiliated with these resources). 

Government Publications on Green Public Procurement

The Government has approved the Green Public Procurement Strategy and Action Plan, Buying Greener: Green Public Procurement Strategy and Action Plan 2024-2027, which will play a key role in driving the implementation of green and circular procurement practices across the public sector.
The strategy has been prepared against the background of significant changes in climate, energy, sustainability, and procurement policies over the last number of years. The new Green Public Procurement (GPP) Strategy and Action Plan will significantly increase GPP implementation across the public sector. This action plan provides context for the implementation of green and circular procurement practices across the public sector and further details can be found on the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform website.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Guidance for the Public Sector

The EPA provide up-to-date Green Public Procurement (GPP) guidance for both public sector buyers and suppliers. This guidance and accompanying criteria support the inclusion of sustainable and green practices into public sector procurement procedures and cover areas such as transport, textiles, food and catering. They have been fully updated to reflect legislation and policy in place as of March 2021. The EPA have also developed training supports for suppliers which provides more detailed information for suppliers of goods and services to the public sector in Ireland. Its purpose is to provide all suppliers with background information, advice and practical tips on Green Public Procurement
website under What is Green Public Procurement?. 
There is also information regarding Guidence for the Public Sector.

Supply Chain Sustainability School

The Supply Chain Sustainability School is a free virtual learning platform focusing on sustainability. The platform covers three core pillars of Sustainability – environmental, social and economic – looking at key issues ranging from carbon management, biodiversity, circular economy, through to combatting modern slavery. The Supply Chain Sustainability School offer training on key topics, membership is free and gives access to hundreds of learning resources and CPD-accredited content.
This can be found on the Supply Chain Sustainability School website.  

Circular Economy

At An Post we continue to explore reducing our environmental footprint and extracting more value from our products and properties to support the principles of a circular economy. The below resources from the EPA, Ellen MacArther Foundation and the Danish Design Centre provide information and resources to support efficiencies and cost reduction, upskill in the principles of Circular Economy, and collaborate with stakeholders from your value chain, to get an overview of your shared activities, actors, and resources - all of which may be useful to gain insights and identify opportunities for circular initiatives in your value chain.

Circular regarding Economy Program 2021/2027 please see the Environmental Protect Agency 

Circular regarding Resources and raw materials is available on the Environmental Protection Agency

A questionnaire regarding EPA Tool for Resource Efficiency is provided by the Environmental Protection Agency 

Also for your information, please see the following website :  

Social Enterprise

Social enterprises work primarily to improve the lives of people, focusing on bettering society via social, societal, or environmental impacts reinvesting any profits into achieving social objectives rather than maximising profit for its owners. For more information regarding social enterprise please see the resources below.

Support for SMEs

The Department of Enterprise, Trade, and Employment provide a range of tailored supports for enterprise of all sizes in Ireland. Supports include access to finance, management development, mentoring supports, business development programmes, market supports and trade promotion. In addition, Intertrade Ireland assist SMEs with sales, funding, innovation supports and business insights as well as provides information on tendering and funding. See further information below.
On the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform website and 
Intertrade Ireland website.

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) offer training in relation to ISO50001 Energy Management and energy basics training, they also provide information on upcoming legislation (e.g. climate action mandate) and an energy link community forum.


The following link is supplied by Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and provides information regarding SEAI Support Scheme for Energy Audits. 

The following link is supplied by Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and provides information for the Business and Public sector.

Diversity and Inclusion

For information relating to Gender Equality and Gender Bias, the European Institute for Gender Equality has a range of publications, resources and videos available to access.

On the European Institute for Gender Equality website.


Where An Post advertises its tender competitions we use the eTenders platform. Details of relevant tenders are advertised and can be accessed via the below website address. If you experience any technical difficulties in accessing or uploading documents to the eTenders platform, please contact eTenders helpdesk directly at 0818 001459 (Ireland) or +353 818001459 (International), or by email
Also on the website  the Office of Government Procurement

Standards & Equivalents 

Where relevant, An Post my request evidence of standards or equivalents (e.g. ISO certification) relating to a particular tender. Standards “define what great looks like, setting consistent benchmarks for businesses and consumers alike — ensuring reliability, building trust, and simplifying choices”. In addition, they guide businesses in adopting sustainable and ethical practices. See ISO website below for details on standards, members, and details on country specific equivalent bodies (for Ireland this is the National Standards Authority of Ireland - NSAI): 


Where relevant, An Post my request evidence of Ecolabels relating to a particular tender. The EU Ecolabel is a “voluntary scheme promoting goods and services that clearly demonstrate environmental excellence, based on standardised processes and scientific evidence”. More information on Ecolabels can be found at the below websites:

For further information on doing business with An Post please see the following links:

An Post Procurement 
Supplier Code of Conduct 
An Post and Sustainability 
An Post Bribery and Corruption (reporting concerns)  

Disclaimer: The information contained in this document is for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal, financial, or professional advice. An Post expressly disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein. The entities and resources referred to in this document are in no way connected to An Post and their inclusion in this document does not constitute in any way an endorsement by or affiliation with An Post. It is your decision to rely on the information contained in this document, and An Post shall have no liability whatsoever include without limitation damages or losses arising from your use or reliance of the information contained in this document.


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