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Sustainable Procurement Policy at An Post

We are committed to conducting business responsibly and we advocate for ‘sustainable procurement’, meeting our needs for goods and services by factoring in criteria and requirements that relate to social progress, environmental protection and economic development, subject to the relevant legistlation but in particular insofar as it is proportional and relevant to the subject matter of the tender.

How we are leading the way

We have developed our own guidelines for ‘green procurement’ that are aligned with our SDGs. Having achieved ISO 14001 in 2020, An Post has begun to integrate sustainable procurement into the business.

As we align with ISO 20400, An Post is one of the first public sector companies in Ireland to audit suppliers in relation to decent work, climate action and sustainable production and consumption. A Supplier Sustainability Questionnaire was issued to a number of our top suppliers (based on spend and risk) to assess responsible and sustainable business behaviour. This is the first stage in assessing our suppliers against our SDGs.

An Post is committed to sustainable procurement

At An Post we recognise our responsibility to safeguard the environment and society and are committed to:

  • Being mindful when selecting suppliers of goods and services and expect that they operate in compliance with national and/or international laws, regulations, standards and appropriate international best practice guidelines on Sustainability, certified also with our bona fide agreement;
  • Monitoring sustainability standards in our supply chain and encouraging our suppliers to operate within the same ethical standards as we employ ourselves;
  • Ensuring that we are making a significant contribution in reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
    • SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth by promoting inclusivity and respect, offering equal opportunity, developing potential and attracting the very best talent;
    • SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production by lowering our footprint through resource and energy efficiency throughout our supply chain;
    • SDG 13: Climate Action by leading the change in Ireland and creating a healthy environment in which our communities can thrive for generations;
  • Ensuring efficient and sustainable procurement and use of natural resources, including energy, water and consumables used by both ourselves and our suppliers;
  • Setting and reviewing sustainability objectives and targets and ensuring that the information and resources needed to achieve these are available.