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Packaging as an Opportunity‚Äč

Want to be a top reseller? 

As experts in delivery, we see a lot of parcels, but the ones that stick out are considered and planned. Take packaging as an opportunity to promote your online store. Get up-to-date with the basics of packaging, plus learn more about how you can use it to get repeat buyers and more followers.

Your packaging will be the first experience a buyer will have with your online shop in real life. Make sure first impression counts by putting that little bit of extra effort into the packaging and delivery of your item so that you stand out against the crowd.

5 ways to wow your buyer when they receive your item:

1.    Use quality packaging.

The majority of sellers use standard plastic, packaging bags or boxes. These are fine, but they don’t help you stand out. Look beyond this and you can find some bright, beautiful and better quality packaging at a good price. Decorate it and make the packaging personal so that they know what it is as soon as it comes through the door. 

2.    Be neat.

Fold and present your item neatly. Take care to write the address clearly to reduce the chance of it getting lost but also to give your shop a more professional and branded feel.

3.    Get recyclable flyers.

Flyers are a great way to engage with your buyer and linger in their memory. You can also use these as a way to get them to give you five-star reviews, shop again and share their purchases on socials. They cost pennies but add extra pounds to your sales.

4.    Add a surprise.

Whether it’s a small pack of sweets, a freebie sticker or a small inspirational quote, buyers love to be pleasantly surprised. If you’re thinking of selling a lot of items in the coming months, save money by buying gifts in bulk. Some of the strongest brands on reselling sites have been built by the seller throwing a small pack of candy with every order. Even a kind handwritten note will leave the buyer feeling touched.

5.    Ship it quickly.

If you do this, with all the above, then your buyer is going to be thrilled with the delivery of their purchase. This will make them much more likely to leave a five-star review, shop from you again, or even share their purchase online. 

Go the extra mile with your packaging. It’s not too hard and it will take your shop to the next level. Buyers care about sustainability and so should you. Always aim to reduce plastics and use eco-friendly alternatives where possible

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