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An Post Postboxes

Our postboxes are the heart of a neighbourhood, and the perfect way to send love to someone special. Bringing someone joy is just one postbox away, so why not send love now.

Meet Patsy the Postbox

Patsy was created by Irish artist Daniel Mooney, a.k.a. Mundo Moo. In 2021 Daniel launched his first range of illustration products for sale online. Daniel has been sending his orders all over Ireland, with the help of his hardest working employee Patsy, and An Post ever since.

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An Post pillarbox which showcases the illustrated artwork of Patsy the Postbox

The Future of Postboxes

Have you ever wondered what the future holds for sending love from your postbox? Check out what a new generation of love senders had to say about their ideas on the future of sending with An Post postboxes.

Watch the video
Watch the video

The Journey of a letter

Every day people send letters and cards to loved ones across Ireland. An Post delivers mail to 2.3 million addresses every working day! Watch this video to learn more about the journey a letter takes, from sending to delivery.
Watch the video
Watch the video

Types of Postboxes

Pillar Boxes

Pillar postboxes are the traditional, cylindrical postboxes that most are familiar with. Early pillar boxes, called Penfold, were hexagonal. After complaints that letters would often get stuck, the more common cylindrical shape was adopted. There are still a few Penfold postboxes left, including one in New Ross and Skibbereen

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Wall Boxes

As pillar boxes were expensive, some locations opted for the more cost-effective wall postbox. As the name suggests, these are postboxes that were often set into a city wall. As wall boxes could be made in different sizes, it was usually up to the local postmaster to decide which size best suited the area.

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Lamp Boxes

Similar to wall postboxes, lamp boxes are more cost-efficient to make and install than a pillar box. They are generally a rectangular post box attached to a wooden post and are most often seen in more rural areas where it was not as easy to find a suitable wall for a wall box.

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Pedestal Boxes

Over time, it became clear that the older styles of postboxes couldn’t handle the growing demands of the postal system as large items would get stuck causing blockages. To fix this, the pedestal box was created. A large box mounted on a pole, made of sheet steel and with a larger opening.

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Sending Love is easier than ever

Maybe someone you know has recently become engaged or married. Perhaps they’ve got a new job or bought a new home. Sending them a handwritten card or heartfelt note through your local letter box is the perfect way to keep connected and let them know you’re thinking of them. Bringing someone joy is just one postbox away, so why not send love now.

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Postal operative holding a send love postcard standing in front of a postbox
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