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Christmas Postal Advice

We’ve Made a List......... Now Check it Twice

You can now buy your Christmas cards online.
  1. Think Christmas and POST EARLY.  
  2. Children it's time to write your letter to Santa and post it off to Santa Claus, North Pole (€1.00 stamp).
  3. Write early, and include a clearly written name and address and Santa's helpers in An Post will make sure that you receive a personal reply from the great man himself just before Christmas.
  4. Check the last dates of posting for Christmas as they differ for each destination worldwide. Remember post early to avoid delay as international packets and parcels may be subject to customs examination at the destination.
  5. Remember to pack mail items correctly and securely
  6. If there is more than one item in a package, wrap each one separately.
  7. Check if there is enough padding by shaking the package. It is important that contents are secure and not moving about inside the package.
  8. Wrap each item in bubble wrap and mark the package FRAGILE if posting breakable items.
  9. Use suitable tape, preferably one used for sealing shipping packages. Do not use cellophane, masking tape or string.
  10. Always address mail in capital letters or with a printed label. Use clear and legible writing to help on-time delivery of mail.
  11. Always include a sender's name & address on the front top left hand corner of mail items. If for some reason we cannot deliver your item, it will be returned to you. 
  12. Check the correct postage for each destination, mail type and service. Include an airmail sticker if posting abroad.
  13. Batteries not included. You cannot send batteries or liquids abroad. Please check to see if the contents of your parcel are on the list of internationally prohibited items. For more information call An Post Customer Services, 01 705 7600.
  14. Before posting check the list of restricted international items, use an aviation sticker on all packets and parcels sent to EU and a customs declaration for items sent outside the EU, available at your local Post Office.
  15. Seal every envelope to keep the contents safe inside.
  16. Check at your local Post Office or call 01 705 7600 for advice on sending valuables or transferring money.
If you have a query about any service, please contact or call 01 705 7600

Merry Christmas from An Post.

Your Guide to Safe Online Shopping

Top 10 Safe Online Shopping Tips 

Direct Delivery

There are a number of delivery options available to you, check with your retailer to choose one that suits you. Most retailers also give you the option of having your purchase delivered to an address other than your credit/debit card billing address. If there's nobody at your home address during the day, it makes sense to direct your parcel to an address where someone will be able to take delivery for you - your work address, for example. 

UK and US websites

If your retailer is based in the UK or USA and doesn't deliver to Ireland or has expensive shipping costs, you can still get the things you couldn't with AddressPal your virtual address in the UK and US. 


Should you need to return your purchase for any reason use ReturnPal the app that allows you u to return products you have bought online back to Irish and UK Retailers. You can have your item collected from a nominated address or you can drop it off at your local Post Office for return to the Retailer.

Always Ensure Your Computer Is Secure

Make sure your system is running with up-to-date anti-virus software, and has the latest software security updates installed. 

Protect Your Privacy 

Check the “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Policy” to know what information the website is collecting about you and how the owners of the website will use it. 

Get The Details 

Check for expected delivery dates, shipping and handling fees, warranties, return policies and other important information. 

Keep An Eye On The Final Price

Keep an eye on the price and make sure it includes all extras such as VAT, postage and packaging, and insurance if required. Most sites display the price of the product inclusive of VAT. The shipping charge, if any, is added at the checkout stage. This information should be easy to find on the retailer’s site. 

Keep Good Records 

Print or save any records related to your purchases. Generally, the store will email you a receipt for your purchase. 

Shop Only At Sites You Trust

For the safest online shopping experience, it's best to stick with online shops you trust.

Know Your Rights 

As an Online shopper you are protected by law, to some extent you may indeed have a greater level of protection than high street shoppers. As a consumer shopping in the EU, the EU Distance Selling Act protects you as long as the company you're ordering from is based in the EU.

For more information on your rights and the EU Distance Selling Act, be sure to visit the Citizens Information website