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Key updates on AddressPal

Customs Charges

Items coming from the UK will be subject to Irish Revenue inspection. If Irish Revenue applies a customs and/or VAT charge to your AddressPal item, you will be notified of the charge and the steps required to pay this charge. For more information visit here.

Choosing not to pay Customs Charges

If you choose not to pay customs charges, your item cannot be delivered. An Post cannot return AddressPal items and where customs charges are rejected, items may be disposed of.

If you wish to return your AddressPal item to sender, please pay the customs charges so we can deliver your item to you, then contact your seller to arrange a return. You can apply to An Post for a refund of customs charges.

If you have any queries as to the amount or assessment of any Customs Charges, you can email

AddressPal Delivery Prices

  • UK delivery for items up to 20kg is €6.50

  • US delivery prices start at €15.99 and are weight dependent.

For more information on pricing and sizing, visit here.

Text message from AddressPal

AddressPal will send a message to customers to confirm their identity where a parcel arrived into AddressPal without name or APW number.

  • If you are expecting an item and you receive this message, you will need to email our AddressPal team via the email address included in the text message, quoting the reference number given.
  • If you have not used AddressPal or are not expecting a package, then you can ignore this message.