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Reach customers abroad with our international delivery services

Do you need to reach your customers overseas? We offer a range of international delivery services for your post and parcels including:

Find out which postal services are available to your chosen country by using our Calculate the Postage tool which also gives you expected international delivery times.

When sending packets or parcels to destinations outside the European Union, a completed customs declaration is required and is available from your post office. An Post provides two customs forms:

  • The CP72 for parcels or items with a value in excess of €300
  • The CN22 for all other items

An Aviation Security Declaration, to ensure compliance with airline security regulations, must be attached to any packet or parcel containing goods sent within the EU, excluding Northern Ireland.

Get more information about customs requirements and prohibited items.

Do you send large volumes of post abroad? Find out more about the discounts and incentives available to international bulk mailers.