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Thank your staff with Tax Free One4all Gift Cards

Gift vouchers for employees can be bought directly at your local Post Office. You can also order in bulk for delivery to your business.

Reasons employers and staff love One4all

Reward of €1,000 Net Paid Through Payroll One4All
Income Tax at 40% €833.33 Nil
USC at 8% + PRSI at 4% €250.00 Nil
Income Taxes paid by Employer €1,083.33 Nil
Net Reward €1,000.00 €1,000.00
Employer PRSI at 11.05% €230.21 Nil
Total cost of reward to Employer €2,313.54 €1,000.00
The One4all Gift Card is issued by GVS Prepaid (Europe) Ltd.  
GVS Prepaid (Europe) Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland


Help and Support

Do you need help with your One4all gift card? All of your questions are answered on our help page. 

Your journey will continue on the One4All website.

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