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Send product samples to your target consumers with An Post Commerce's Direct Mail Samples Solution

Our new Sampling solution allows you to you put your product directly in to your customers’ hands and homes.  

How does Sampling work? 

Product sampling allows businesses to enhance their retail strategy and product offering, with a new opportunity to interact with their customer in an experiential and memorable way.

Direct Mail Sampling is the perfect route for brands to connect with their customers to sample new or existing products, resulting in increased customer engagement, brand recall and conversions.

Why use a Sampling marketing solution? 

As e-commerce has increasingly become more popular, the retail environment has been transformed, and that’s made sampling products in store more difficult for your customers. We know that over 70% of consumers are likely to buy a product after trying a sample tester vs 25% after seeing a TV ad and since the lockdown started in March this hugely effective channel has been all but closed to brands and businesses in Ireland.

What are the benefits of a Consumer Sampling campaign?

  • Enhances your promotion strategy
  • Offers opportunity to interact with customers in an engaging and memorable way
  • It breaks through barriers to trials
  • Offers a short-cut into home where product is used
  • Offers new launch opportunities
  • Challenges loyalty to competitor products
  • Leads to increased forms of brand recall, engagement and conversion
  • Like other direct mail campaigns it supports business growth 

How do I setup my Sampling Campaign for my brand?

  1. Contact us directly to speak to a member of our team.
  2. Choose the weight and volume that fits your needs, ensuring the item is within our required dimensions.
  3. Using our geo-directory, you can choose to print your items with a full or partial address, depending on your data.
  4. We will inform you of the process for delivery to the Mail Centre.
  5. An Post will deliver your sample with the scheduled mail service, Monday to Friday within 3 days of receipt.
  6. You will be billed monthly via your sales account.
  7. Once we receive your mailing it will be delivered to your customers within 3 working days.

What are the Dimensions and Requirements?

Minimum 100mm long x 70mm wide x 25mm deep.
Maximum length, width & depth combined of 900mm with no dimension exceeding 600mm.
Maximum weight is 1kg.
Finished product should have a flat base (Cylindrical/Spherical items excluded).

Items must include the following 3 elements:

  • Delivery address (inclusion of eircode is optional).
  • Irish return address in top left hand corner.
  • CeadĂșnas licence in top right corner.

How much does a sampling campaign cost?

Weight not over Volume per mailing Cost per mailing
100g > 200 €1.50
100g > 1000 €1.45
250g > 200 €2.50
250g > 1000 €2.45
500g > 200 €2.75
500g > 1000 €2.70
1kg > 200 €3.00
1kg > 1000 €2.95
Download our Sampling Brochure.

Still have questions?

For more information on Sampling contact us.

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