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An Post's processing software is secure and will accurately print your documents before using An Post's speciality mail services for secure enveloping and speedy delivery.

Outsource invoice and document processing and delivery

PrintPost is a business document processing & delivery service by An Post. This bespoke end to end workflow offers secure and speedy production and delivery of business documents. From processing to delivery to your customer. 
An Post's processing software is secure and will accurately print your documents before using An Post's mail services for secure enveloping and speedy delivery.
We provide services for outsourcing invoice processing, statements and other business critical documents via our high-speed print and mail service.
To find out more about PrintPost Call us on 01-451 3355 or send our team an email

Why choose PrintPost?

  • Secure Transactional Print and Fulfilment; for Invoices, Statements & Billing with Garda Validated PrintPost Security
  • Document Processing & Hybrid Mail Services
  • Postal Administration & Consolidation
  • Material Procurement, Storage and Materials Management
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • State of the art software and mail processing ensuring speed, accuracy and security    

Why use PrintPost to process and deliver your documents?

  • Expertise - As Ireland's national postal service, An Post's staff experience, commercial post expertise, facilities makes the company expert in the field of distribution, and our unparalleled hi-tech document management system ensures a seamless workflow.
  • Document Production - Client data is processed through the latest PrintPost software, which is then securely and accurately printed, enveloped and posted.
  • Secure Enveloping - Cameras and barcodes control the automatic mailing machines, thus guaranteeing the integrity and accuracy of the overall process.
  • Selective Inserting - Selective inserting is an innovative and clever way to sell to specific regions or customers. We can process variable page documents with the ability to selectively insert brochures, flyers, reply envelopes and more into the documents designated by you.
  • Accurate Reconciliation - Accurate Reconciliation unique page numbering makes it possible for us to reprint any individual documents that may have become damaged. It is also used as an important reconciliation tool.
  • Print Management - As part of our service PrintPost we offer a complete range of printing services. We order from and liaise with our suppliers for our customers. We offer storage both on and off site.
  • Postal Administration - Each day arrangements are made with An Post in the Dublin Mail Centre and the Portlaoise Mails Centre to collect mail. At the moment we have three scheduled postal collections in Dublin and two collections in Portlaoise.
  • Disaster Recovery - A full disaster recovery service is offered by PrintPost, from its two sites in Dublin and Portlaoise. Both sites are equipped to deal with each stage of the document production process, which means that each site can back up the services of the other.

Find out more about PrintPost

Find out more about how PrintPost's processing and distribution services can improve your workflow.

Call us on 01-451 3355 or send our team an email, we will be in touch within 1 working day.

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