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Special discounts for periodical postage

Are you a publisher of newspapers or periodicals? Do you send your publication to readers in the Republic or Northern Ireland? Sign up to our Publication Services.

Sign up to our Publication Services to reduce your distribution costs and encourage customer subscriptions.

If you need to post beyond Ireland, check out Air Business. Our wholly-owned, UK-based subsidiary operates from three strategically-located sites close to all major roads and airports and can provide you with access to a wide range of UK and international postal operators.

How does publication mailing work?

  • Download and fill out an application form (PDF, 751.4KB) for approval for our Publication Service

  • Make sure to include a sample of your publication and any supplements or inserts

  • When posting, remember to address each newspaper or periodical clearly and include a return address

  • Each publication must be posted in a sealed plastic cover or wrapper, marked in the centre on top with the words Publication Service

  • Pre-sort to the level appropriate to your chosen discount, using the separate bags with special bag labels we supply

  • Deliver your bags to your agreed mail acceptance office by 4pm, Monday to Friday

What does periodical postage cost?

The cost of the publication mailing service will depend on:

  • the weight of your items

  • whether you are posting between and 100 and 2,000 items or more than 2,000

  • the geographic spread of your mailing

The rates outlined below are composite rates and are indicative of the rate which will apply to mail that is geographically representative of a nationwide posting. A minimum rate of the composite tariff will always apply.

Where there is a geographical bias, an alternative zonal rate will apply. For more information, contact your Account Manager or our business desk on 353 (1) 705 7600 or email us at


Weight not over

Price per item per mailing

Over 100 items

Price per item per mailing

Over 2,000 items
















To avail of these rates, mail must be presented before 4pm and pre-sorted as required. Use our handy pre-sort tool, Sort It, to help you sort your mail.

To calculate the exact cost of your mailing, download our Rate 1 price chart for those posting between 100 and 2,000 items or our Rate 2 price chart if you are posting more than 2,000 items.

Bulk rates are available for posting newspapers and periodicals to Britain, Europe and the rest of the world. The bulk rate applies to multiple copies of a periodical posted to a single address and a minimum consignment of 10kg per posting also applies.

An annual registration fee of €12.70 applies to the newspaper service.


Things to Know About Periodical Postage

Do you have any questions?

For more information on all your posting needs, get in touch with an Account Manager who will find the best postage option for you and your business.

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