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Leaflet Delivery & Distribution 

An Post's Publicity Post is the only leaflet delivery service delivered with the mail

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Publicity Post is an efficient, cost-effective and GDPR compliant way of getting your message directly to potential customers.

How can Publicity Post boost your sales?

Our leaflet delivery service is a low cost way of getting your message directly into the hands of potential customers without increasing promotional budgets. And no other company is better at direct mail advertising than An Post.

With access to 1,512,500 addresses nationwide, Publicity Post can help you target more people than any other delivery company. What’s more, from only 9c ex VAT per leaflet, Publicity Post can deliver the return on investment you’ve been waiting for from your promotional material.

With Publicity Post, your flyers, leaflets, newsletters and product samples are delivered with the regular mail by the area’s trusted postperson. This also means your sales message is read at a time when customers are more receptive, allowing you to increase your impact and your sales.

Publicity Post gives you:

  • Access to 1,512,500 mailing addresses nationwide, delivered by the postperson
  • 272 leaflet delivery zones for you to target nationwide. Your message can reach as many or as few zones as you want based on booking a minimum of one complete delivery zone
  • Delivery of your leaflet to hard-to-reach addresses such as apartments and rural areas
  • Delivery of your leaflet with the day’s mail, meaning your customer is more receptive to your message
  • Quality delivery over a 5-7 day period
  • Low costs - from as little as 9c (ex VAT 23%) per item
  • Access to all An Post’s expertise, from the dedicated direct mail team to the trained postpeople on the ground.

How do I create a Leaflet Distribution campaign?

  • Please note, this is a delivery only service.
  • To get started visit our Publicity Post section
  • Select ‘Create a campaign’
  • Select the weight of the mailing we will be delivering for you.
  • Use our map to select the zones you want to cover, you must choose a minimum of 1 zone.
  • Select the week you want your leaflet to land.
  • Upload an image (PDF) of your proposed mailing.
  • Fill out your details and place your order.
  • We will then contact you with details of how to pack your leaflets and when and where to drop them.

Create your personalised Publicity Post campaign in a few easy steps

If you need assistance along the way , call the team on 0818 21 16 32 or email 

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