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International parcel delivery in a world wide open

Are you an Irish exporter sending your products to customers abroad? We can offer you a range of international parcel delivery options with our Priority Parcel International  and International Express Post services.

Working directly with postal operators worldwide, we can:

  • provide you with options from low-cost to urgent delivery

  • offer expert advice to help you meet customs requirements

  • organise scheduled collection of your items from all Republic of Ireland addresses

  • arrange collection from any UK address through our British subsidiary, AirBusiness

  • track your parcel every step of the way

  • offer an online redelivery service to your recipients

  • allow you to set up post alerts so your customers get updates on the status of your parcels

Contact an Account Manager to find an international parcel delivery solution designed to meet your needs and those of your customers, wherever you do business.

Compare our main parcel delivery services, including Priority Post International and Express Post International, to find out which works best for your business:

  Standard Post Express International Priority Parcel International
International Delivery Time
Track & Trace      
Standard Post Express International Post Priority Parcel International

Find out more about our International Bulk Mail Service for sending letters, large envelopes or packets weighing up to 2kg overseas.