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Create a partially addressed Direct Mail campaign with AdMailer

Create your campaign

What it offers

AdMailer lets you create hard working campaigns aimed precisely at your audience, and delivered by their postperson. Design high quality, partially addressed postcards or mailers.

You can create your own mailing, or choose from a range of professionally designed campaign templates. Choose your target audience and we will print and deliver your campaign directly to them.

How do I create a campaign?

  • To get started, visit our website
  • Select your campaign type, A5 postcard or letter mailing
  • Upload your own database
  • Or use the map to select your target area
  • Refine your target audience by
    • Affluence
    • Family Cycle
    • No. of Children
    • Marital Satus
    • No of Cars
    • or Industry
  • Use your own design or select a campaign template for your mailing
  • Select a salutation for your customer, AdMailer is partially addressed so customers will receive a mailing with their address and your chosen salutation e.g. 'Dear Householder'
We will print and deliver your direct mail campaign within 3 working days.

Minimum quantity of 200 postcards from €0.94 per item.