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Shopify Troubleshooting

27 May 2022

If your orders are not importing, here are some things you can check:

Are the URL, API key and Password correct?

The API key and password must be taken from the manage custom apps section on Shopify

How to setup the Custom Apps:
  • Go to Apps menu
  • Click on “Develop apps for your store”
  • Click on “Create an app”
  • Give a name (Custom app name)
  • Click on “Configuration” and Configure the “Admin API integration
  • From the list of access/permissions, select the following to “Read and write”:
    • Assigned fulfilment orders
    • Fulfilment services
    • Orders
    • Product listings
  •  Select the following API access/permissions to “Read”:
    • Inventory
    • Merchant-managed fulfilment orders
    • Products
  • After you save it, Click on “Install app” and confirm “Install” on popup window
  • Once installed, under “Admin API access token” click on the “Reveal token once”. Copy this password/token and keep it securely. NB: This token can only be seen once and is necessary to complete the setup in Scurri.
  • Copy the API key and keep it secure, that’s what you need to integrate Scurri to Shopify.

 Is the URL correct:

  • The URL should always begin with HTTP:// or HTTPS://
  • The URL usually ends with
  • The URL can be tested by entering it into the address bar of any web browser. If it
  • is valid, it will bring you to the company's website, if not, you will be brought to a
  • 404 error page.
  • The URL should not bring you to the customers shopify admin page

Are correct permissions set up as per the set up guidelines?

Use the permission “Read and write” on the following:
  • Assigned fulfilment orders
  • Orders, transactions and fulfillments
  • Product information
  • Fulfilment services
Use the permission “Read” on the following:
  • Inventory
  • Products, variants and collections

Are the orders in the correct status? They need to be Paid and Unfulfilled

Orders not updating:
Multiple Locations
  • If the customer has multiple locations on Shopify, we cannot fulfill the orders.
  • There needs to be only one location as the connection within Scurri only allows for the shipments to be pulled from the default location.
  • If the customer wishes to go ahead with the connection and manually update the tracking information Scurri can enable the flag that will stop us fulfilling the shipments.
No default Location set:
  • When the customer has no default location set, we do not know where to update the shipment information when the shipments are manifested.
  • When a customer sets the default location on Shopify we can then update the shipment details, bear in mind that even if there is only one location there still needs to be a default location.


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