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Manifesting Shipments

21 June 2021

After you print your labels, the next stage is Manifesting or Marking as shipped. Doing this action in ECommerce Hub has 3 outputs:

  1. It closes out the shipments in ECommerce Hub and moves them to the Shipped section.
  2. It sends the carriers all the details of all the shipments manifested and generates the manifest documents.
  3. It passes tracking information back into your e-commerce platform. (Magento, Brightpearl, etc.)
  • Where you will do this from is the Ship page.
  • From the menu bar on the left, click Shipments and then Ship
  • This page shows you all the orders that are now ready to manifest/mark as shipped. They are split per carrier per warehouse in order to allow you to produce the correct manifest documents.
  • *Remember, once you have manifested shipments they can no longer be edited or cancelled.

We have three options to do this within the UI.
  1. Mark all printed shipments for a carrier and warehouse as shipped
  2. Select some printed shipments for a carrier and warehouse to mark as shipped
  3. Automanifest all printed shipments for a carrier and warehouse
Option 1 - Mark all as shipped
  • This option will mark all printed shipments for that carrier and warehouse as shipped.(or manifest them, these two phrases mean the same thing.)
  • To do this, click the Action button beside the shipments you want to manifest to reveal the options. Then click Mark as shipped.
  • Your manifest documents will now appear at the bottom of the page for that carrier.
  • You will need to do this for each carrier you are shipping with every day.
Option 2 - Select some to mark as shipped
  • This option will allow you to manifest some of the printed shipments for that carrier and warehouse.
  • To do this, click the Action button beside the shipments you want to manifest to reveal the options. Then click Select some to mark as shipped.
  • This will open a page showing the list of printed shipments for that carrier and warehouse. You can simply tick the boxes beside each of the shipments you want to manifest (or use the select all tick box at the top of the list and untick the ones you don't want to manifest) and then click Manifest selected to manifest those shipments.
Option 3 – Automanifest (This is set up for everyone as default)
  • This option automatically marks all shipments that are ready to manifest for a carrier and warehouse as shipped at a set time each day. This saves you having to manually mark all as shipped (option 1 above) every day. You can simply go to the Ship section each day to print your manifest documents for the carrier.
  • To enable Automanifest on your account you will need to go to the Ship section and, on the right and side, you will see a section entitled Today's cut-off times. Click Configure to open the setup page for cut-off times.
  • Or you can go to Set up then Company Setup in the menu bar. Then click Warehouses, now you will see the Set Cut Off Times button in the top right of the screen. This will also bring you to the cut-off times' setup page.
  • Here, you can set the time you want to automanifest the shipments for each warehouse per carrier per day. You can select which carriers you want to automanifest for and set different times for different days. Just remember to tick the box beside the carriers you do want to manifest for and click Save to save any changes you make.
  • *It is also important to note that if you print shipments after your set cut-off times, the despatch date will be set for the following day.

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