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Information for Customs and Customs Documentation

21 June 2021

Customs documentation is required for all product/commodity (non-document) shipments for international trade.

The following details are populated on the CN23.  Incomplete or incorrect information may result in goods being delayed or not delivered, fines and/or audits. 

  • Sender name, address & contact number
  • Recipient name, address & contact number
  • Recipient EORI (if a business)
  • Currency
  • Item Information
    • Description
    • SKU 
    • Commodity Code/Harmonisation Code/HS Tariff
    • Quantity
    • Weight
    • Value
    • Country of Origin
All of these fields are available both through the ECommerce Hub API and UI.   We have also mapped these fields in our key channel integrations. 
We also provide the above information and more electronically to customs.
Information recommended for customs: 
Item Details
  • Item Description
  • Item Harmonisation Code
  • Item Country of Origin
    • If not provided, this defaults to the warehouse country
  • Item Weight
  • Item Quantity
  • Item Value
  • Shipper Details: (these fields are completed in the following area on your account in ECommerce Hub by accessing Setup > Company Setup > Company)
  • Shipper Tax Identifier/VAT number
  • Shipper EORI number
Recipient Details
  • Recipient Name
  • Recipient Address 1
  • Recipient City
  • Recipient Country
  • Recipient Postcode
  • If a business (Company name populated)
    • Recipient Tax Identifier/VAT number
    • Recipient EORI number
Overall Shipment
  • Shipment Value
    • If not provided, we take the sum of the item values
  • Shipment Currency
    • If not provided, this defaults to EUR
  • Shipping Cost 
  • Reason for Export
    • If not provided this will default to “Sale of goods”

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