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Direct marketing works

Business, charities and political campaigners at home and abroad understand the benefits of direct mail marketing because they have seen it work for them. Read concrete examples of how businesses have successfully used our mail marketing services. Some of the best-known Irish and international marketing experts believe direct marketing is a key part of any campaign. Find out more about what they have to say.

Customers prefer post

Research has shown that mail is more memorable, more trusted and makes a bigger impact than other forms of advertising.

Two-thirds of Irish people say they enjoy receiving post. They also pay attention to it. Almost 90% read their addressed mail material, well above the rates for other media such as email or social media ads.

Sending letters or leaflets to customers is more likely to increase loyalty and boost spending. Whether you’re sending vouchers, loyalty rewards or bills, surveys show that people prefer receiving them by post above other media.

Protection and privacy for customers

Businesses and their customers have become more concerned about data protection and privacy issues. That's why the introduction of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation rules can be a huge positive for your business performance. Mail is the ideal channel in a GDPR world, as it allows you to communicate with your customers in a way they can trust.

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