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Power up your money

Watch the journeys of our five leaders on their path to financial fitness with Paul Merriman. Paul has helped each leader address their financial concerns, manage their day to day money and set them on the path to achieving their financial goals.

Stay in control of your money with financial guidance that puts you in control.

Winner announcement!

Watch as Paul Merriman announces Patrick Neary as the well-deserved winner of the 6-month financial fitness journey. Patrick's diligent efforts in pursuing his financial goals paid off! He crafted a savings plan for his dream home and opens up about his journey along the way.

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Leaders final check-in

The leaders have been working hard on reaching their financial goals. They sit down with Paul Merriman to chat about their progress and discuss their key learnings from the experience.

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Paul Merriman meets the leaders

Watch as our five leaders begin their journey with leading financial advisor, Paul Merriman. Paul will help each leader address their financial concerns, manage their day to day money and set them on the path to achieving their financial goals.

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Meet the Leaders

Kinga Piotrowska

Kinga is a recent graduate with a new job. Her financial goals include managing her money better, buying a car, saving for a holiday and establishing a pension plan.

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Susan Kavanagh

Susan is a grandmother from Carrickmines, looking for advise on budgeting. She aims to set aside enough money for day-to day expenses while also saving for a holiday.

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Maria Donnery

Maria lives in Co.Tipperary with her new baby boy. Maria is looking for advice on how she can make her money go further for her, while setting her sights on a new job when her maternity leave finishes. 

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Patrick Neary

Patrick lives in Kilkenny with his partner. He is looking for advice on saving a deposit for his first home while also putting some savings aside to get married in the next few years. 

Follow Patrick's journey

Kenneth O’Connor

Kenneth lives in Co. Cork with his wife and three kids. He has short, medium and long term goals, aiming to extend the family home, maximise his pension pot and teach his kids to manage their money.

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