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Direct Debit Payments

Paying by Direct Debit is the easiest way to keep on top of your payments. Direct Debits guarantee your payment is received on time, to avoid late payment fees.

Credit Cards

Find out how to set up and manage your Credit Card repayments by Direct Debit. When you pay your Credit Card by Direct Debit, you can choose to pay either the minimum balance or the full balance for each statement. 

Minimum balance:
  • The minimum payment is what you must pay by the due date shown on your statement each month.
  • If your statement balance is €25 or less, the total amount of the balance will be shown. 
Full Balance:
  • The full balance is the total balance shown on your statement for the billing period. 

Personal Loans

Your agreed monthly payment will be debited each month for your Personal Loan. Find out how to set up and manage your Personal Loan repayments by Direct Debit.