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Financial Abuse

Financial abuse is where someone has control of your money without your consent and it can happen to anyone.
The most important thing is that you tell someone! You can always ask for help if you’re worried that someone has control over your finances without your permission. Telling our staff that you have concerns means we may be able to take action and protect your money.
Financial Abuse happens when someone has: 

  • Made decisions about how to spend your money without your permission?
  • Used your money without your knowledge or permission?
  • Made you sign important documents that you did not understand?
  • Gave you ‘allowances’ or ‘budgets’ without your input?
  • Acted entitled to your money? 

How can we help?
If you’re affected by financial abuse, we can support you. We can work with you to create solutions to your individual circumstances to make banking safe and secure, including:
Cards, PINs and Passwords: We can work with you to ensure that only you have access to your app and online banking. We can walk you through changing your password and help you understand other steps you need to make sure your banking is secure.
Mail: We understand that your circumstances may make it difficult to receive mail at your home address. We can help you access your statements online or update your address to a more secure address.
Taking Steps to Safeguarding your Money:
The Banking & Payments Federation Ireland (BPFI) have a useful guide that provides advice on safeguarding your money and protecting yourself from financial abuse.