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Why buy an electric car?

To pollute less, reduce motoring costs and drive the latest technology, go electric!
Electric and plug-in hybrid cars are cheaper to buy, fuel and maintain - especially with current government incentives.

Motoring costs

74% cheaper than comparable new diesel cars**

Purchase grants

Up to €5,000 available for new electric cars over €20,000

Charger grants

Up to €600 available for a home charger unit

VRT relief

Up to €5,000 for an electric and €2,500 for plug-in hybrids

Lowest road tax

Annual road tax of €120

Toll discounts

50% for electric and 25% for plug-in hybrid vehicles

What will my monthly electric car loan repayments be?

Electric Car Loan Calculator


Repayments on a loan of over would be

per month

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Our interest rates

We will assign you the appropriate rate based on your financial profile and credit history once your application has been reviewed. To find out more about the Loan Value and applicable Interest Rates take a look at our rate table below.

Loans from Fixed interest rate APR
€20,000+ 7.7% - 13.2% 8.0% - 14.0%

What electric car and home charger grants are available?

List Price of Car Grant
€14,000 to €15,000 €2,000
€15,000 to €16,000 €2,500
€16,000 to €17,000 €3,000
€17,000 to €18,000 €3,500
€18,000 to €19,000 €4,000
€19,000 to €20,000 €4,500
More than €20,000 €5,000
Home Charger Grant €600

Electric Cars

Warning: If you do not meet the repayments on your credit agreement, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating, which may limit your ability to access credit in the future.

*Lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. Rates and loan terms are correct as of 29 July 2020 and are subject to change. Source: Rate is dependent on your financial profile and credit history. Maximum APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is 14.0%. Minimum loan term is 1 year and maximum term is 7 years for Electric Car loans. On a €20,000 loan over 5 years, at a fixed nominal rate of 7.7% (8.0% APR) you will pay €402.66 a month. Total cost of credit €4,159.75. Total amount repayable €24,159.75

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