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National Stamp (The Freemans Journal)


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On 25 April, An Post issue striking stamp marking the centenary of the final edition of the ‘Freeman’s Journal’.

Founded in 1763, it spoke for the so-called patriot opposition in the Irish parliament. It became the foremost nationalist daily newspaper in Dublin, remaining the organ of the Irish Party at Westminster from Parnell’s time until the 1918 general election. After Sinn Fein’s electoral triumph, the ‘Freeman’s Journal’
lost its raison d’être.

In October 1919, it was purchased by businessman Martin Fitzgerald who, together with his associate, Hamilton Edwards, a former British journalist, attempted to rejuvenate it. In 1920, following an article
on army brutality, Fitzgerald, Edwards, and their editor were imprisoned for a month.

The ‘Freeman’s Journal’ strongly supported the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921, making it a target for the anti-Treaty side. In March 1922, a raiding party of anti-Treatyites destroyed its printing plant. The last edition issued 19th December 1924.

Our commemorative stamp is inspired by the ‘Freeman’s Journal’ masthead and identifier, depicting the sun rising in the northwest from the laneway behind the Bank of Ireland in Dublin. The First Day Cover shows the front page of the last edition and an illustration of the moderate nationalism of the Freeman’s
Journal at the time.

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