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Reducing carbon emissions within our property portfolio

Reducing electricity usage

To contribute to our target of reducing electricity use within buildings by 40% by 2022 we have installed:

  • energy efficient lighting in all of our Mail Centres
  • upgraded energy efficiency external lighting in offices, wherever possible.

Electricity sourced from renewables

To limit carbon emissions within our property portfolio we have continued to ensure that 100% of electricity used in our buildings is certified by our energy provider as being from renewable sources.

Photovoltaic Panels 

In 2018 we trialled Photovoltaic Panels (PV) at an An Post property in Monaghan. In 2020 this produced 7,592 KWh which is 22% of the site’s electricity requirements. We hope to extend this initiative to more buildings and that PVs will produce our sites’ electricity requirements, thereby reducing our overall carbon emissions.

Putting our Spotlight on Microgeneration

Finding innovative solutions to the challenge of energy generation and usage is critical in achieving our SDG goal in relation to Climate Action. Our ambition is to become a significant generator of renewable energy, by installing 2MW peak of solar energy in our properties.

This will maximise the potential for microgeneration, the small-scale generation of renewable energy. It also builds upon our membership of the Limerick City Exchange Project, Ireland’s first microgeneration project. We aim to expand the project’s brief to maximise the generation of renewable electricity for use in our own premises and to supply power to local communities.