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Fiona Hurst
25 July 2019

Whether you’re buying new furniture for your house or shopping for a capsule wardrobe, these tips will help make budgeting a little bit easier while saving and getting the best value for your money.

Oh look, it’s on sale

Number one sale shopping rule - do not buy unnecessary items just because they are on sale. This is something I’ve definitely been guilty of in the past, but I’ve honestly become so much better at it in more recent times. Some golden rules to consider before you buy; “Do I really need this item?” “Is it only because it’s good value I am considering buying?” “How many times will I use or wear this item?”. Remember it’s only a bargain if you actually need it. While there’s nothing to feel guilty about when you treat yourself, you are wasting money if you buy something you don’t need or will never wear/use!

Always have a budget

I know, I know – it’s simple right? Always have a realistic limit in mind of how much you can afford to spend. I find this helps me ensure I get the best possible price. It’s almost a challenge to keep within a budget, and even better if I can come in under budget.

Save, save and save

If you’re planning on making a big purchase or investing in a new holiday wardrobe, put aside €20 to €50 per week and let it build up in order to have a little stash of cash. To help make saving a little bit easier, you can avail of handy savings wallets as part of the An Post Money Current Account. These wallets work alongside the main account and can help you put those few euros away every week.

How savings wallets workHow savings wallets work

Shop around and your wallet will see the benefit!

It’s so important to shop around for items as prices can vary between stores and online, especially when you are buying electronics or furniture. A lot of shops have policies where they will price match with other stores so you could find some savings when buying electronics and appliances for your house. If you can’t see any signage outlining a price match policy, don’t be afraid to ask! The savings are better in your pocket.

Shop from the comfort of the couch

Make sure to double check different online sites for the same item as prices may be slightly cheaper across different retailers or offer promotional discounts. While clothes shopping, you will find a lot of online stores that offer “welcome” discounts and seasonal offers that may not be available in-store. “Welcome” discounts on first orders are usually a great way to save money, especially if delivery is free. As if you needed a better excuse to browse your favourite online site.

Pay in GBP

Most online retailers give you the option of paying in Euro or Sterling. As exchange rates can fluctuate, there are huge savings to be made when paying in GBP. The An Post Money Currency Card offers 0% commission on foreign currency and you can use it to purchase online so ensure you check before you buy.


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