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Hi, I’m Fiona Hurst AKA The Bargain Buyer and I will be sharing some of my money saving tips and tricks every month here on the An Post Money Blog. Follow me on Instagram (@thebargainbuyer) to be one of the first to know when my monthly money saving tips are live!

I have started getting my garden BBQ and summer ready. We had a little bit of work done on our garden a few years ago but it needs a little bit of TLC to get it spruced up and ready for all the lovely BBQ weather we’re going to have! (I hope!). With friend and family occasions popping up across the summer, spending tonnes of money on the garden was never an option. Here are my tips that will help make your garden look summer ready without hitting the wallet too hard.

A Power Hose is your best friend!

A sure-fire way to spruce up your outdoor area is to clean all concrete slabs, tiles and wooden fences (anything that doesn’t move!) with a power hose. My garden slabs came up like brand new when I cleaned them and the difference it all made to the whole garden was incredible. It brightens everything up in a flash. I decided to paint my wooden fences, so cleaning the dirt and cobwebs off them first was a definite must. Lidl have a great power washer but if you don’t have a budget or don’t want to buy one this year, why not ask a friend or a neighbour for a loan of theirs? I would recommend investing in one at some point though – words can’t describe the satisfaction of seeing how clean everything is when you’ve spruced up.
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Fire & Ice

As a special addition to our garden, we invested in a fire pit which we spotted in Home Store + More at 50% off recently. What I love most about fire pits is that they can be used in hot or cold weather and if there’s a grill attachment included you can also use it for cooking. I can’t wait to have the garden fully completed so I can sit back and enjoy the long evenings with this lit while the children sleep soundly in their beds.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

One tip that I always found myself going back to when it comes to making the most of your garden is using a mirror. I love outdoor mirrors. They open the space by pulling in light regardless of where they're placed in the garden. Don’t forget to check your local charity shop for inexpensive mirrors that can be used outside too! It’s a great way to save while giving back at the same time.

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