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Data / Internet Settings


If you have switched to An Post Mobile and you are using a handset from another provider, after you get your new SIM and insert it into your phone, you should receive an automatic message from An Post Mobile with your new settings. When you get this message follow the instructions and your phone should be set up.

If for some reason you do not receive this message, or you want to manually add the internet settings yourself, you can change the settings on your phone to access An Post Mobile Data services, as set out below: 

Android settings
1. Go to Settings   >   Wireless & Networks   >   Mobile Networks  >   Access Point Names and delete all existing APN’s.
2.  Create a new Internet APN with settings
Name: Postmobile
MCC: 272
MNC: 01
APN Type: default, supl
Press Menu Key & Save

Sometimes for APN Typesetting you are only allowed choose from a list. If so, choose Internet or default.

iPhone settings
1. Put the Postmobile Sim into the iPhone and connect the iPhone to an internet connection over Wi-Fi
Open the Safari Browser
Go to After completing the download, please go back into your phone’s settings.  
Click General.
Click Profile.
Click Install.
(You may be asked to enter your phones passcode)
Click Install.
Your internet set up is now complete