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An Post now world leader in Sustainability in its sector as 2022 Report is published

21 April 2023

An Post’s Sustainability Report 2022 was launched this morning and it shows that

  •  An Post is ranked 3rd in the world in its sector for Sustainability and continues to lead nationally
  • An Post is delivering on its commitment to being a leader in Ireland in Sustainability while staying on target for 50% reduction in net zero carbon emissions by 2025 and 50% of fleet using alternative fuel sources by 2025
  • An Post is expanding the scope of its Sustainability to include Biodiversity and employee engagement 

The 2022 International Postal Corporation Sustainability Measurement and Management System, an independently audited assessment ranked An Post third amongst the world’s postal companies for Sustainability. An Post continues to share its learnings and experience with posts worldwide and to seek out innovations that can provide solutions for Ireland across its focus areas of Climate Action, Sustainable Communities, Decent Work, Responsible Consumption and Innovation and partnerships, where An Post has the greatest capacity for impact and action.

In addition to being the first major employer in Ireland to report a Zero Gender Pay Gap for second year, An Post has also achieved Gender Pay parity in its United Kingdom subsidiary, Air Business, where 550 employees provide global logistics services.
Amongst other environmental highlights, An Post confirmed that It is on target to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030, with 50% reduction by 2025, reducing carbon emissions by 12% year-on-year and 35% since 2009.   It is also making determined progress to 50% of its fleet run on alternative fuels by 2025 with 30% of fleet doing so already.
Its innovative HVO (hydro-treated vegetable oil) biofuel trial for HGVS was expanded to Galway to Cork in 2022 with a massive 91.8% reduction in carbon emissions compared to diesel fuel.  An Post also achieved zero waste to landfill for the fifth consecutive year.
While remaining committed to its stated targets An Post is now broadening out its Sustainability strategy and building on its leadership in eliminating the gender pay gap and focussing on improved pension and benefits for its current and retired staff.
Commenting on the 2022 Sustainability Report David McRedmond, CEO said “Sustainability challenges and defines An Post.  We are delivering on our key commitments on Climate Action, Decent Work and Sustainable Communities and expanding into Biodiversity and wherever An Post can act as a force for good now and for future generations.”

Since the start of this year An Post has safely delivered 57,000 parcels from Ireland to Ukraine free of charge, helping to alleviate hardship and keep families and friends connected.  Keeping people and purpose at the heart of Sustainability involves innovative logistics and thinking, for the greater good.
Launching its Sustainability Report this morning, An Post also announced its No Mow May biodiversity campaign in partnership with the National Biodiversity Data Centre, encouraging the public to let pollinators and wildflowers flourish in the month of May. No Mow May encourages everyone to leave their lawn mowers in the shed, transform their lawns into havens of biodiversity through May and take time out with their families and friends to spot some of the exquisite species around their homes. As part of An Post’s Making Sustainable Living Commonplace strategy, vibrant recyclable ‘No Mow May’ postcards will be distributed to 2.3 million homes in the coming weeks to help the public to easily identify some of the stunning birds, insects and wildflowers in their flower boxes, balconies, gardens, local parks and playgrounds.
An Post Chief Transformation Officer, Nicola Woods said “As we broaden out our Sustainability focus, we are leading the conversation on business and biodiversity in Ireland.  We began our biodiversity journey with colonies of native Irish honeybees on the GPO roof and exploring the re-wilding of our land banks, before developing a more comprehensive strategy.  This past year we performed a first-of-its-kind assessment in Ireland of nature-related risks, dependencies and impacts and this will help us develop of site-specific landscaping plans – as what grows well in Kerry may not grow as well in Carlow.

Speaking on An Post’s support of the No Mow May campaign Nicola Woods said “We want to protect and restore nature in Ireland, so No Mow May is a practical, impactful way in we can all encourage as much biodiversity as possible.  It’s all part of leaving a mark that we can be proud of and protecting the planet’s precious resources for future generations.”
Dr Úna Fitzpatrick, Senior Ecologist at the National Biodiversity Data Centre welcomed the partnership with An Post to raise awareness of biodiversity and the practical ways in which people can play their part to support pollinators saying: “We are delighted to work with An Post to promote No Mow May. Biodiversity is in crisis, but small actions can make a big difference when we take them together. Changing the way we mow our lawns can result in a tenfold increase in the amount of nectar available to bees and other pollinators. Unfortunately, we’ve lost most of our meadows from the countryside, but leaving our garden lawns to grow during May will have a hugely positive impact on many species.” 

To launch the An Post 2022 Sustainability Report, Irish television producer, broadcaster and writer Maia Dunphy was commissioned to present an An Post Docuseries on Sustainability, following her 2022 TV series What planet are you on?  The Docuseries will launch today across An Post’s social channels ahead of World Earth Day on April 22nd.

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