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An Post Embracing the future and setting challenges along the way

27 March 2019

Embracing the future, meeting the challenge of a changing marketplace and innovating to meet changing customer needs, are all part of the agenda for An Post as it moves into the latest phase of its transformation journey.

An Post identified technology as a key component of that transformation and the company is now partnering FutureScope, Ireland's number one innovation event and the only conference dedicated to exploring new business opportunities from emerging technologies.

FutureScope takes place on Thursday, 28 March in Dublin’s National Convention Centre and brings together leaders from the technology world to share perspectives on the implications of disruptive technologies, providing valuable insights to businesses at all stages of the innovation lifecycle.  An Post’s Chief executive David McRedmond will be a key speaker at event while Managing Directors of An Post Retail, Debbie Byrne and An Post Mails and Parcels, Garrett Bridgeman and John Cronin, Chief Information Officer also announce the An Post Innovation Challenge, and exciting opportunity to be at the centre of An Post’s innovation and technological transformation.

There is considerable anticipation about two challenges being set by the company this year. Entrepreneurs and technologists are being invited to take on the challenge of exploring ‘Open Banking opportunities for a ‘challenger bank’ and a ‘Dynamic route & parcel optimisation’.

Open Banking opportunities for a ‘challenger bank’

The new rebranded An Post Money Current Account is built on a cloud platform offering a fully open architecture to build rich customer experiences.

While the earlier Open Banking initiative in the UK has witnessed multiple consumer experiences in fintech (e.g. aggregated data), there remain multiple opportunities and use-cases yet to be developed as part of the European PSD2 initiative. 

The current challenges that consumers face in the broader ‘Switching’ space is one key area in which An Post is seeking solution partners.

The An Post Challenge invitation is to exploit its architecture and leverage PSD2 to build new and differentiated customer use-cases for the An Post Money product suite e.g. An Post Current Account.

 Dynamic route & parcel optimisation challenge.

There are massive opportunities for data and AI technologies to support An Post in the creation of its delivery routes. Aligned to this is the need for the delivery of parcels to be optimised, streamlined and made more flexible through similar data mapping & smart routing solutions.

There are also a multiplicity of end-user solutions to be explored as part of the ‘parcel returns’ experience for An Post’s eCommerce client end users.

The An Post Challenge invitation is to leverage and enhance its existing delivery route, returns & parcel systems with new smart technologies to enhance the customer experience.

 In 2018 An Post commissioned its strategic digital partner; Strata3, to devise a digital strategy and associated roadmap for the company. As part of that strategy, Strata3 devised digital guiding principles for An Post including; “Embracing innovation & becoming exemplars.” The An Post Innovation Challenge is the practical execution of that guiding principle.

The technical and operational challenges in financial services and route optimisation were quickly identified as areas of focus for An Post.

“As part of our digital transformation strategy, we recognise the benefits of building links with the start-up & development eco-systems locally.  We are delighted to be working with Dublin BIC to build capability and to create opportunities for collaboration to solve real business issues for our organisation,” says Des Morley, Chief Digital Officer with An Post.

John Mitchell CEO of Strata3 says “As part of the digital strategy and given how far An Post’s transformation has moved, we quickly identified the benefits for An Post in building strategies, partnerships and links to create opportunities for innovation and excellence.  Dublin BIC were a naturally fit for An Post as the largest local route to the start-up ecosystems.”

Apply for the An Post Innovation Challenge

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